She Will Be Loved- chp 19

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Chapter 19

I shot up from my seat immediately. That couldn’t have happened. No. that wasn’t possible. Matt wasn’t such an idiot and as for Dylan…well she obviously knew better. She must have known that everything bad would happen after she did. How did any of this start happening anyway. I mean yeah it was kinda obvious that she liked him but that didn’t mean she needed to go splitting her legs to prove it. Gosh, what the hell was wrong with these Freshmen?! Now I understood why Jonie looked so perplexed—this whole thing was perplexing!

I walked over to Dylan before she could make any further movements. “Hey can I talk to you?” I asked.

“Sure…” She sounded distracted. I followed her gaze and found the table that Asia and her friends were sitting at. Every few seconds they would look over at her and laugh then get back to their little conversation. I didn’t have time to read their lips. Lunchtime was limited and I really needed to talk to her. When she didn’t make any further responses I grabbed hold of her and took her from the lunchroom. It wasn’t until we got into the hall that she finally unfroze.

“What’s up?” She asked, nervously looking down. I didn’t even know where to begin.

“You slept with Matt.” That wasn’t where I was supposed to start. Ugh! Crap. I stood staring at her, just watching her face go red. That had to be by far the stupidest thing I had done in a while. God. The last thing I wanted was to embarrass her. I felt even worse when I saw tears begin to well up in her eyes. Oh great. Nice one Kai. Jayden was right; I sucked at talking to people about sensitive cases. The proof was the crying 13 year old that stood in front of me. Only 13, what was she thinking.

It wasn’t long before those tears were trickling down her cheek. “I can’t believe he told you that…”

“No…actually you just did and you need to tell me what you two were thinking when you decided to do something as stupid as that.” Stupid was the right word, even if it was the wrong time.

Before she could say another word she broke out into nearly uncontrollable sobs. “I—no, you see I-It was Matt’s idea. He wanted to go to that party but I begged him not to because I knew Asia was going and what kind of party it was…but…it turns out she had invited him and promised she would sleep with him if he came. Matt’s a prick, his head’s in his pants so of course he wanted a good reason not to go.” She paused for a minute, taking a deep, shaky breath. It didn’t look like she was going to continue but then she did. “Kai…I told him that I loved him and he just stood there, like—like he was waiting for me to make my point or something. He-he asked if I would have been willing to sleep with him if he didn’t go and I—I just really didn’t want him to go. If he did he and Asia would have…then I would have to face them both and I—I couldn’t deal with that…”

“So you agreed to sleep with him…?”  

“I didn’t know what else to do…I don’t even think you understand. Matt’s really special to me…” She was right. I would really understand. Matt was an asshole; nothing special about that. In fact there were tonnes of assholes walking around so why Matt? What was so appealing that she would have thrown away something as special as a virginity to a kid who clearly would never understand the importance? He wasn’t smooth; he wasn’t cool; he wasn’t anything in the first place. “Wouldn’t you have done the same thing if Jayden asked?” Yes! A thousand times over if I could but that wasn’t fair. Jayden was a nice guy; a real gentleman and Matt still had some growing up to do. Of course I would have done it for Jayden but that didn’t mean she should have done the same for Matt, not when he wasn’t worth it.

I sighed, not sure how I would explain this. “You see, what you have to understand is that Jayden…unlike Matt has….certain qualities that would have made it worth doing…”

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