Chapter 1.

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I tucked my shirt into my pants before grabbing my car keys and running out my front door. It was my first day at work and I was pushing time. I got on the highway and literally banged my head on the steering wheel. Traffic was backed up like a motherfuker. "I knew I should've took the back roads" I yelled at myself

When I finally made it the Nopd (New Orleans Police Department) I was an hour late. I knocked on the chief door and waited for him to say come in. Once I walked in I immediately started apologizing

"I'm so sorry I'm this late. I'm still getting use to the area and I didn't know the highways would be backed up at this time. It will never happen -"

He chuckled and put his hand up to keep me from rambling on "Its fine. No worries at all, your partner is just now walking in also and he actually does know the area"

"My partner?" I raised my eyebrow

"You see the cocky piece of shit that just plopped down in the chair behind you without knocking"

I looked over my shoulder. I hadn't even heard him walk in. I knew I was looking at him weird but he didn't look anything like a detective

 I knew I was looking at him weird but he didn't look anything like a detective

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"Why is he dressed like that" I whispered to the chief

"You do know I'm in the room right??? I'm literally only 2 feet away from you. I dress like this cause I'm good at what I do. I refuse to walk around in suits all day. I'm too young for that shit"

I squinted my eyes at him "you can honestly change your tone"

The chief laughed "looks like you got a partner that's gonna challenge your ass finally"

"Rightttttttt" he said sarcastically

"But yes I let my detectives wear what they want. You don't always have too be business casual. You're what? 23? same age as the asshole behind you. Wear what you want just make sure it's appropriate and you better be able to run in it"

"I just realized you're the girl I seen banging her head against her steering wheel in traffic this morning!" He laughed obnoxiously

I turned around and glared at him "I'm sorry who are you again?"


"Yeah idc, it's to early in the morning for me to have to snap on someone so don't make me"

"This is gonna be fun" chief laughed "Zendaya Coleman this is Tristan Wilds you guys are partners. Now get out my office. Wilds fill her in on Alsina you guys are taking a trip there today"

We walked out his office and I found my desk with a welcome basket. I sat in my chair and Tristan sat on the corner of my desk staring at me. I had to admit he was a good looking guy but he came off as a cocky douche. We made eye contact and he was smirking at me "you checking me out aren't you?"

"Get over yourself" I rolled my eyes "Whose Alsina?"

"Yeahh I don't have time to explain that right now" he walked away

"You gotta be kidding me!" I yelled behind him

"Yeah I am, get up let's go"

We got in the car and he started giving me a lot of information to take in "Alsina is a murderer. The worst kind of murderer it only takes a lil thing to piss him off and for him too kill you. Most of his victims are females 7 to be exact and 4 male murders. Sorry 8 females cause he killed a guard last night for not giving him fresh bread . His murders range back to the age of 14.Worse part about all of this though is he doesn't lie about the murders he will sit right in a judge face and say he did it"

"What?? So why hasn't he been sentenced to death? Why is he still going to trial for all these cases?" I asked

"Cause every judge deems him mentally ill, they think he's crazy and that's why he does the things he do but if you ask me he's just a murderer"

"How did he manage to kill a CO tho?"

"At all times when escorting Alsina there must be 3 guards. The co that denied him fresh bread thought she was tough and went against protocol by letting Alsina out his cell when she was alone. The recording from the hall shows that alsina was flirting with the guard. She fell for it and let him out only for him to end up killing her"

I huffed as the car stopped and realized we were at the facility. I stepped out and turned my attention to Tristan "how do you guys just throw someone on a case like this on the first day"

"You from New York?" He asked completely ignoring me

"Brooklyn. how'd you know?"

"I'm from Long Island. you sound like me you don't have that New Orleans accent"

"So I sound like a dude?"

"Nahh you sound like a New Yorker, damn stop being so defensive" we walked in and handed the guard at the desk our badges then went to wait in a interrogation room

The door opened and three officers walked in with the inmate. His eyes immediately fell on me and he smirked "na' did they really think giving you a female partn'a was smart?" He was looking at Tristan now

"Sit down alsina" and he motioned for the CO's to leave

"Did this nigga just lowkey threaten me?"

" na' it wasn't a threat but if that's how it came off ta' ya we can easily make it uh promise" he smiled

"Nigga keep talking to me like that and I might have to reach out and touch you and you not gonna like me if I have to reach"

"Bih I don't like ya' ass already, Wilds ya' part'na Hea got'a smart ass mouth"

"Alsina shutup. What happened to the CO?"

"Which CO?"

"Bennett, what happened?"

"Shawty with da big booty? It's simple, I asked her fa' fresh bread and she told me no. She took it upon ha'self ta let me out my cell alone and when she did I took it upon myself to kill her"

"Why is this not enough too give this asshole the death penalty? I'm hella confused" I looked at Tristan

"I'm mentally unstable" he shrugged

"You're definitely something" I rolled my eyes

"You're small. You know with this one loose hand I could choke you to death"

"Could you? Could you really" I pushed his temper

He tried to yank his other hand out the cuff "I will fuck your life up baybeh"

"Ouuu I'm shaking in my boots" I stood up with Tristan

"This was a waste of time" Tristan said and walked out the door

I was walking out when Alsina used his loose hand to grab my butt I turned around and punched him in his chest. He tried to loosen his other hand but failed. "Watch your hand next time. I'm not always in these cuffs"

"I'm gonna do everything in my power to prove you are perfectly stable. You deserve death"

He smirked "until next time beautiful..."


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