The Sleepover Day 1

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I was laying in my bed finishing up the third episode of Thirteen Reasons Why when my notifications went off.

I rolled lazily over to my phone to see that is was a calendar notification telling me about how the sleepover at Lexi's is today and I should go over there at two.

Why was it today? Why did I agree to go?

I exit Netflix and then rolled off the bed, and picked myself up from the ground. I grabbed a bag from my closet and then looked at Lexi's message that she sent the day she asked me telling me about what I should bring.

She tells me to bring for clothes at least, swimsuit,pajamas,and three different outfits for clothes.

How long was this sleepover again?

I got my swimsuit, clothes, and pajamas before looking at the list again.

I checked the list again and it said anything you need, so I packed my toothbrush and hair brush.

And the rest of the list was just fun games. Mmm what?

I found some silly string and slime from like two years ago.

Why did I keep that?

I shrugged and put it in my bag before closing it up.

That seems like so much fun.

I put my bag on the chair and then got my shoes on and looked at the time. It was 1 o'clock.

"Mom!" I yelled walking through the halls waiting for a response. "What?" She responded back.

I went downstairs to see her on the couch.

"Hey mom, can you drive me to Lexi's for the sleepover?" I asked. She nodded and then got her keys as we went into the vehicle.

For most of the ride I was on my phone liking pictures from Why Don't We fan accounts. I saw that there was some fan accounts dedicated to me which I instantly followed.

Once I got there I heard screaming from girls in the backyard.

Are we having a sleepover with eight year olds or something?

I got a text from Megan asking for the directions which I sent to her.

I took my bags and mom wanted to say hello to Lexi's parents.

"Alright have fun." My mom said kissing my head.

"Be good. You know they will tell me if you do something you're not suppose to." She continued.

"Okayyyyy mom." I must've sounded annoyed.

"Bye." She said before leaving.

"It feels good to see you again Jessica." Lexi's mom said.

"You too." I replied with.

"Uh the girls are out back." She said.

"Okay." I said.

I walked out to the back and then saw ten other girls that I didn't know at all.


"Hey Jess!" Lexi yelled coming up to hug me.

They were all in their swimsuits and they were in the pool and Lexi body was wet but her hair was in a bun.

"Hey!" I said accepting the hug and it got my clothes wet a little bit.

"Okay, so this is Kayla,Lyric,Sylvia,Alex,Max, Zoey,Elle, Eva, Raylee, and Maia." She said their names as she pointed to them.

They all said hello to me and I said hello back.

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