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TEXT MESSAGES - [Emma - Sebastian]

Where should I park?

In the back!! Wait,
you'll see me waving 


"No way!" Emma whispers in order to contain a scream. 

As soon as the car stops in the back of her childhood home, her eyes land on Sebastian and Chris Evans. "I didn't know you were coming!!" She laughs when Chris comes out of the car. 

"I wanted to be a part of this," Evans opens his arms, inviting her for a hug. "Hello, Ems."

"Hey," Sebastian shuts the door and approaches. "Look at this," he opens the trunk, showing her a metal arm and a blue/red suit with a huge shield next to it. 

"No fucking way!!" Emma screams but Evans covers her mouth. 

"Shhh," Seb titters. "If our goal is to surprise him this has to be big."

"I'm at a loss for words," Emma crosses her arms in front of her chest, not believing her own eyes. "Frank is going to freak out!"

"Oh, that's his name!" Sebastian snaps his fingers and sits on the back seat. "Chris, before you get into your suit come help me with this."

Emma curiously follows Chris and sees Sebastian opening a huge bowl of KY jelly. "Usually this takes 4 people," he explains, applying the jelly all around his muscular arm. "One will have to do."

"It's okay if you want to cover your eyes," Chris laughs and kneels in front of Seb. "This is quite traumatizing."

"One, two, three-" Sebastian counts before Chris uses all his upper strength to push the metal arm around Seb's arm. "Go, go, go-" he exhales.

"You're not helping, Seb." Chris sighs, struggling.

Emma lets out a few giggles before softly pushing Chris out of the way. "Let me try," she suggests and Chris frowns at her. "It's halfway in, this can't be that hard." Sebastian looks at her, urging her to try. Kneeling down, Emma starts to push the metal accessory up again. "Shit, it's hard."

"You tell me," Chris is already putting his suit on as fast as he can. "Don't look. I'm half naked and I get shy."

"What a sight," Sebastian fools. "You, my friend, need a tan."

"Let me be!!" Chris pretends to be offended.

"You two are weird," Emma says once the arm is totally adjusted. 

"Thank you, you're stronger than you look." Sebastian smirks, standing up. 


"And this is my shield." Frank holds up his plastic shield and puts it next to the big one that Chris is holding. 

"You have a lot of stuff, Frank!" Sebastian comments excitedly while looking through the boy's toys.

"Do you catch a lot of bad guys? Cap?" Frank sits down on the floor.

"Huh-" Chris stutters. "Yeah, there are a lot of bad guys out there. But only the good and kind-hearted people stand out."

"You know what that means, Frankie?" Emma, who's watching this whole amazing scene from the door, starts.

"What, Emmie?" Frank responds, getting a chuckle out of Sebastian. 

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