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"Thank you, Sean

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"Thank you, Sean. You did your job well," Smith shouted across the distance.

I glared at Sean, who stood just ten feet from me.

"I didn't do anything," he said. "No. He's lying."

"Looks like I'm a little late. But early enough to stop the honeymoon. That'll have to do," Smith said.

Sean stepped toward me and Tom, as did Shelly, Briana and Jordan. So, we had six TLC Agents to face off against nearly fifty demons, with god knows what kind of powers.

Smith moved toward us, his wall of demons behind stepping in unison. "I was a little surprised to find out you were alive." He glared at Tom. "Did you have anything to do with that story Mindy told us about your deaths?"

"You chose to surround yourself with weak-minded demons when you chose evil." Tom glanced behind us, and I followed suit.

Most demons were near Smith, but a handful crowded us from behind as well. I ignited my hands. "Stay back."

"Dakota, we didn't come here to stare you down." Smith shrugged.

"How could you do it? Why?" I asked.

His eyes flashed red. "You all were gifted so wonderfully. I was not. But I found another way to get my gifts."

"By selling your soul?" Tom said.

"So, where's your dark, demon, daddy?" I asked.

Smith stopped. His eyebrows furrowed.

He's surprised you know about him.

"And your recruits? Where are you keeping them? Got a little Agency on the side there dontchya?" I leaned toward Tom. "Can you read his mind? See the kids he's grabbed?"

"He's blocked fairly well. I think it's our dark demon friend doing all the mind blocks and mind reading."

Shuffling behind me drew my attention. I amped up my hands and faced them, leaning against Tom's back.

"Get ready," I said.

Adams stepped to the side, toward the boulder, holding a long dagger so tight I saw his knuckles blanch. I fired a stream of electricity so powerful the hairs on my arms raised, and I stumbled back. The stream flowed from the palm of my hand instead of my fingertips. Looked like a fire hose, fully opened, spraying water.

Okay, that was new. But totally awesome!

The light cut through the six demons like butter, and they vanished in puffs of dust. I cut the stream and turned so I stood shoulder-to-shoulder with my husband.

Whoa. That sounded awesome, too!

Smith bellowed something incomprehensible and raised his hand toward us. I jumped in front of Tom and showed my hands as well while the demons swarmed around my tall, ex-TLC leader. They looked like a wave of dark lava oozing toward us.

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