Riddles for Kids

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Here are some riddles for kids. See if you can figure out the solution to each puzzle. As usual, you will find the answers to these riddles in the comments.

Riddle 1. Christmas Presents

On Christmas day, a young boy finds three presents under the Christmas tree. Opening the first present, he finds a pair of shoes and begins to cry. Opening the second present, he finds a soccer ball and cries even harder. Opening the third present, he finds a pair of bicycle shorts. He buries his face in his hands and starts sobbing. Outside, Santa Claus is having a big laugh. Why?

Riddle 2. Locked Room

In a locked room, a man is found hanging by the neck from the ceiling. His feet are not touching the ground. The room is completely empty. There are no tables or chairs or anything else. There is a puddle of water under his feet. How did the man kill himself?

Riddle 3. Murdered Sister

A woman proves in court that her husband was murdered by her sister. Even though the judge finds the sister guilty of murder, he can't send her to prison. Why?

Riddle 4. Doctor

A man is driving down a highway with his son in his car. They get into a car accident and both are critically injured. Two ambulances from two different hospitals arrive. The man is taken to one hospital and his son is taken to another hospital. The doctor walks into the operating room, looks at the boy, and says, "I can't operate on this boy. He is my son." How can this be?

Riddle 5. Hole in the Suit

A man was just doing his job when he accidentally tore a hole in his suit. Three minutes later, he was dead. Why?

Riddle 6. Frog

There is a frog, dead in the middle of an island. If he swims north, the distance to the mainland is 2 meters. If he swims south, the distance to the mainland is 3 meters. If he swims east or west, the distance is 4 meters. Which way should he swim?

Riddle 7. Desert

Two men are lying in the desert. Both of them are wearing backpacks. One man is alive and the other is dead. The backpack of the man who is alive is open. The backpack of the dead man is closed. How did he die?

Riddle 8. Tracks in the Snow

The police find a dead man lying in a field of snow. The man was murdered. The police find a set of tire tracks leading away from the field. They follow the tracks to a nearby farm. At the farmhouse, they find an old man and a disbaled woman sitting on the porch. They question the man and woman and discover that neither of them can drive. Then they arrest the woman for murder. Why did they arrest her?

Riddle 9. Holiday

A married couple flew to Florida on holiday. They booked into a nice hotel. During the vacation, the husband was murdered. The police searched the couple's hotel room and found a camera, a plane ticket and a bottle of sun-tan lotion. The police immediately arrested the wife. How did they she murdered her husband?

Riddle 10. Three Rooms

10. A man is captured and condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms. The first room is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven't eaten in three years. Which room should he choose?

Riddle 11. Who Was the Killer?

There was a rich man who lived in a mansion with his wife and servants. One Sunday morning, the man was murdered in his study. The police came to question his wife and his servants. The wife said she was asleep in the bedroom at the time of the murder. The cook said she was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast. The butler said he was in the dining room, polishing the silver. The maid said she was in the driveway, collecting the mail. The gardener said he was in the garden, picking vegetables. Who murdered the rich man?

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