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"I'm here!" Jin walked inside and put on his cupcake apron.

"Hey jin...how's life with...namjoon?" Yoongi gave a sly smirk and raised one of his eyebrows.

Jin shook his head and thought of a good comeback which he immediently regretted after "how's life with...jimin?"

Yoongi looked up to suppress his tears from falling and sighed "I don't know...we had an argument."

"Oh...what was it about?"

"He wanted to go out last week but I said I couldn't make it because I had dinner with my mom but it got cancelled last minute so my mom told me to take home my cousin and when jimin saw me at home with that boy he thought the wrong thing, he got mad and thought I didn't like him and said...and said..." Yoongi was crying in Jin's shoulders in front of all the customers.

He wiped his snot on Jin's shoulder then proceeded "and he said he never liked me!"

"I came at the wrong time." Hoseok turned around and was about to go back in the kitchen until jin stopped him.

"Wait! Take his job for a few minutes. People are looking."

When jin took yoongi away, he sat him down "Listen...jimin was just angry and he thought you lied but you didn't! So go talk to him and you two lovebirds will be talking in no time!"

Yoongi sniffed then nodded "Okay."

"What the heck was wrong with him?" Hoseok tried not to laugh and acted casual. "Wait is it jimin?"

Jin nodded his head. "Yeah but I understand how jimin feels but his time yoongi really likes jimin from the looks of it."

"Actually he really does! In high school, yoongi used to send him anonymous love notes and put it in his locker and then he would do his freaking homework for him!" Hoseok blurted out, only for someone unexpected to hear.

"He what?"

The boys both turned around only to see jimin holding a bag of ingredients and who looked like he was about to cry.

"So it was him sending those weird poems?" Jimin shook his head "I don't care, he lied and cheated."

As much as jin wanted to stay out of this, he wanted to help those two get back on track.

"Uhh excuse me?" An angry customer was holding up her credit card "I have been waiting for ages and I have heard way too much of your conversation!"

"Oh my god ma'am I'm so sorry! It's fine you may go for free." Jin smiled as the woman huffed and strutted her way out. "What a chav..." He mumbled, inaudible to anyone's ear.

"Where's namjoon?"

Hoseok pointed towards the kitchen.

"Hello Mrs "I'm-jungkooks-friend-and-know-alot-of-secrets-about-him!" Taehyung laughed.

"Ahh, sorry..." Jin looked down ashamed "but you guys are dating now?"

Taehyung blushed then nodded while biting his lip.

"Right. Right now I'm not your friend I'm jungkook's brother speaking."

The younger nodded and stopped what he was doing to listen to jin.

"So jungkook was at your house last night?" Jin was acting like the big 'protective' brother.


Jin smiled "protect my brother, Okay? If you don't I will hunt you down and kick your ass."

Taehyung tried to hold it in but couldn't contain his laughter anymore and burst into a fit "Y-you are going to what?!"

Jin looked confused "I'm serious. I am going to hunt you down and kick your ass!"

Which made taehyung laugh even harder

"It's not funny I'm serious!" Jin shouted.

Taehyung stopped his laughter and nodded "You're right. You're right I'm sorry."

The older nodded "Thank you."

"Are we friends again?"

Jin nodded then they shook hands.

"Can I tell you something?" Taehyung asked, and smirked mischievously. Jin nodded in response

"you would never believe what jungkook's older brother told me!"


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