Chapter 5

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Zack stopped eating?!!! 

I turned around to look at him.

"What do you mean that he stopped eating?"I asked him.
He sighed.
"Answer me!!! I am asking you something!!!"I said irritated.
"He stopped eating and has been crying to see you." he said and sighed again.

Zack stopped eating and has been crying and he is telling me now!!!!
Wait... didn't I meet Zack two days ago... don't tell me... he stopped eating since then...!!!!!

I walked towards him angrily and grabbed his collar.
"It's been two days since he stopped eating and has been crying and you came now!!! How could you be so stupid??!!!!" I hissed at him in anger.
He brushed away my hands irritated and stepped few feet away from me. 

"Do you think I am that heartless and stupid??!! Do you think I am that fail as a dad??!!!" He glared at me.
I looked away. I really thought of him as the devil dad to be precise, can't say that to his face though.
I looked again at him and he was still glaring at me.
"I didn't mean that he entirely stopped eating! He just doesn't eat properly but I made him eat every day and as for crying to meet you, I tried convincing him but he just won't listen to me." He said and sighed again looking down.

Then he looked at me, correction.. glared at me.
"It is just because of the promise you and your stupid boyfriend made to my son!! He told my Zack that he would bring you home and that's the reason he has been waiting for you." he said glaring daggers at me.

What boyfriend is he talking about? Did he think Charles is my boyfriend?!! But, there is no need to correct him, is there? Nevermind..let him think whatever he wants to.
Anyways, we did promise Zack but Charles thought he will meet his mom...wait..his should have been fine after he met his mom at home.

"Where is Zack's mom?" I asked him.
His eyes grew wide and then he looked sad but then his face became stiff without any expression.
"And why does that concern you?" He asked clearly trying to control his anger.
"Charles just thought that Zack will meet his mom after going home and that's the reason he made that kind of promise and if Zack mistook me for his mom then it should have been solved after he met his mom. That's why I asked you that question and if I am going to be his nanny then I at least need to know about his parents, right?" I explained to him.
He nodded his head as if agreeing with me. At least he agreed to something!
"His mom... she... died a few months ago."He said with a hurt look on his face. I feel something tighten up in my chest just looking at him hurt.
He must have really loved his wife. I  shouldn't have been this rude to him about this.
"I am sorry." I said and he nodded his head and took a deep breath.

"So, let's go!" He said turning around.
"Excuse me!" I asked confused.
He turned back to look at me.
"Is there any problem?" he asked me narrowing his eyes.
"Of course, there is!" I answered.
"I won't go back on my words and will give you the payment I promised and will also pay your loan." he said with a smug face.
"That's not what I meant. I can't go with you right now. I will come within an hour meanwhile you can go home to Zack." I said to him.
"What?" he asked confused.
"I will give you my number and you can just text me your address. I will come there with Charles." I told him. Or maybe, he already has my number... so creepy...
"Do you think it is a joke?!! I came here to take you with you and you ARE coming with me RIGHT NOW!!" he said in an authoritative tone.

This is the thing that I hate the most!!! He is ordering me around even before I started working for him!! I really don't want to work for this jerk!! But... Zack needs me so I can't even say no... but I won't let him walk all over me!!

"Look, I am equally worried about Zack just as you are but there is someone who worries about me too, so I can't just go with you without telling him and I also have to get my things from home." I told him.
He thought for a second and nodded his head.
"I understand. But be there within an hour or so. I will send a car to pick you up at your house." he said turning around.
"You can just text me the address! I will come there with Charles, you don't need to send a car to pick me up." I said.
"I am sending a car and that's final. You don't have time, hurry up!!" he said with his back to me and walked away. That tone again!!

He must be glaring too... I can bet on that...

Right now I am worried how Charles is gonna react. I know he would be so against it but he won't say anything because he will be concerned about Zack too. But... did I really made a right decision by taking up the job??.. I did it just for Zack but he won't be the only one I will have to live with... 

So... this the chapter! I wanted to make it more lengthy but then changed my mind and decided to make it into another chapter. I hope you enjoyed reading...😘❤

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