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Those of you who read our previous article about Sebastian Stan and Valentina Rivera, aka Sebantina, linked here, then you'll know that we've been eagerly anticipating an announcement from the two of them regarding the nature of their relationship.

For the pair, actions must speak louder for words, because while they didn't announce their relationship verbally, it was obvious at Stan's birthday dinner last night that they were more than just friends. From the way their outfits matched to the hand holding and how Sebastian would constantly kiss the woman's cheek, it's fair to say that there's more than just friendly feelings between the two. Not that it's surprising, of course. The couple are parents to four-month-old Diego, after all, and while they may be doing this backwards, it certainly makes sense that the pair are together now.

I mean, we can't be the only ones who've noticed the way they've interacted with each other these past few months? Not necessarily just after it was revealed that Stan was the father of little Diego, but even before that, when the whole world thought they were merely pals that met. In those months, fans of Rivera took to guessing who the father of her then unborn child might have been, and Stan was on that list from the moment they started interacting! He even remained a favourite amongst fans, alongside his co-star Chris Evans and Rivera's co-star and friend Will Venturi.

They were destined to be together from the start! We've been saying it, the fans have been saying it. Hell, Obama's probably said it, too! I think we can all agree that all we want is for both Stan and Rivera, and of course their son, to be happy. If they're happy together, then that's even better! And that definitely seems to be the case!

 If they're happy together, then that's even better! And that definitely seems to be the case!

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Stan and Rivera captured last week while taking Stan's dog for a walk.

Of course, we're still waiting on the couple to confirm (or deny) that the nature of their relationship is more romantic than platonic, because until then we're just riding with the assumption that the two are together.

Regardless, we still wish Rivera and Stan the best, and we hope that little Diego is doing wonderfully, too!


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