27. Reunited

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       September 14th
       Agents R. Harris and A. Peterson rendezvous with Agent J. Oliver at what could possibly be the target’s location.

       27. Reunited
September 14th

I open my eyes to a white ceiling and the sun's rays shining into a cluttered dorm room. There's an unusual amount of sun exposure in the room, and I squint at my surroundings. And then I pause.

       I'm not in my room, I'm in Alex's.

       I sit up.

       "Well," I say to the three gorgeous boys staring at me. "I hope none of you took a picture of me while I was sleeping."

       One of them shakes their head no and another just watches me from where he stands, but Alex grins in response. I narrow my eyes at him.

       "Rachel," Alex says, stepping forward in between the bed and the two boys, "these are my roommates, Justin and Pete."

       Alex’s roommates are the same boys from his lunch table that the Cherubim and I sat at. We were never fully introduced that day.

        The boy named Justin smiles tentatively from where he stands. His brown eyes are curious, and there are little crinkles by them as he smiles brightly and waves at me. “Hi,” he says. I smile back at him.

       The other boy, Pete, has stunning grey eyes and a pair of full pink lips. Pete is still staring at me, I realize, so I look back at him until he speaks. When he does, he crosses his arms and looks warily at the bed I’m sitting on. “I really hope you two used protection over there, because—”

       “Pete!” Alex interrupts.

       “—it’ll be really hard to cover up the fact that she snuck in after curfew if she’s pregnant,” Pete finishes. “Not to mention hard to find her any outfits to model in at Model-Mayhem.”

       Now I glare at him.

       “Pete,” Alex repeats forcefully, “we didn’t do anything.”

       Pete looks over at Alex. “What are you talking about? You slept together.”

       “Exactly,” I say, earning a glance from Pete, “we slept. That’s all.”

       Pete looks between the two of us, his eyebrows furrowing, as if he can’t understand what we’re saying. Then he squints at me, trying to decide if we’re telling the truth, while I notice that Justin is scarfing down some cereal behind them.

       Pete turns to Alex. “So you’re telling me that a really hot girl snuck into your dorm last night and slept in the same bed as you, and you did nothing?”

       I glance over at Alex, who pauses to think. “I did something,” he says, smirking slightly. “Gave her a blanket.”

       Pete stares blankly at Alex now. After a few seconds, he turns away abruptly. “Well,” he says, walking towards what I assume is the bathroom, “I think I’ve just discovered that you’re gay.”

       Alex stops smirking, and I grin playfully at him. “That explains the pink frog slippers you were wearing before.”

       Behind Alex, a mouthful of cereal milk shoots out of Justin’s mouth as he laughs hysterically, grabbing a napkin from the counter. “Dude, you still have those?”

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