Settling in

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I woke up to the sun streaming on my face and the birds chirping. It was a new day.
I went downstairs and the smell of bacon and eggs immediately filled the air.

"Sup." I exclaimed sliding into a chair in the kitchen. my remarks are always so casual I don't care who I'm with

"Good morning!" auntie Tisdale said in passing to the fridge.

"I've scrambled eggs and cooked bacon help yourself to anything you'd like!"

"Will do! Thanks."

I tried to find a plate but not being in this house forever made it hard to know where anything was.

I opened up about what felt like 30 cabinets. Four score and Seven years later I found what I needed.

There was so many memories engraved in these floors and walls. I looked around and took everything in. Vague scenarios flashed through my mind. I was kicking my shoes off at the door with muddy feet and hands after a full day of rain. I was with Garrett. We were probably seven.

Then another one from a late night. We had the stereo on outside. my parents were dancing barefooted in the grass while my aunt and uncle were clapping and also dancing along. I was petting scout my aunt and uncles dog. The neighbors were popping fireworks. Couldn't get anymore perfect. Stars so bright. We didn't have those in the city where I lived. This place brought out the best in me.

Not being in Australia forever also made me forget how great my aunts cooking was. Best things that have ever touched my taste buds I swear.

I spun around and scurried up the stairs to my room.

I felt like a kid again.

I put some day clothes on and threw my hair up in a messy bun.

No one was home. Auntie Tisdale had just left for work and uncle rob was probably out somewhere at a hardware store. They were fixing the house up to sell unfortunately. Breaks my heart. They're trying to move somewhere closer to me Garrett and my mom but I don't want them to let this house go.

I went back into the kitchen to grab a glass of water and noticed a door that was ajar out of the corner of my eye.

Nosey me I went to check things out.

the game room! The one place I hadn't been in the house since I had been here yet. It was so isolated from everything else. Was weird.

The room had a cramped feeling when you walked inside. Stuff everywhere. Geesh. They had really let this place go.

I walked around peering at all the shit everywhere. There was a pile of quilts that caught my eye so I went to check them out.

Right as I pulled the first one back there was a black rectangle on the wall. At first I didn't recognize what it was at all. I cocked my head. I had to look at it for a while. I reached out to touch it. It was an opening. Big enough for someone to fit in. naturally my first thought was I have to go inside. So. I did. I had to turn sideways but I made it.

I didn't like being in pure darkness so I whipped out the flashlight on my phone to look around. Amazing. It was a ginormous room. Nothing in it though. I wonder what is was used for?

I was walked towards the end of the tunnel/room and saw that there was another opening. Maybe I would get some answers to why this was here. I crawled through and entered a smaller room that I had never seen in all my years of coming here.

It was breathtaking.

There were several photos. There were photos from when my aunt and uncle were toddlers all the way up until now. I was amazed.

There were high school yearbooks, bandannas, pictures from rock concerts, flags, antiques from my grandparents house, and cassettes from the 80's.

Everything you could imagine probably.

I started looking at all the photos. I was laughing.

Uncle Robert looked so much like Garrett it was crazy. It was funny seeing my aunt and uncle the same age as I am now and the weird stuff they wore.

I shook my head and smiled. Opened up a large binder and flipped through it.

"Rebecka, if you're reading this it means you got the rock I threw at your window with this note attached to it. I wrote this while you were sleeping ha :) I just want to say I had a lot of fun on our first date today :) please don't forget about calling me so we can have fun again." -rob x 1989

This was a note to my aunt from soooo long ago. It was so crumpled it felt like animal skin. This was the sweetest thing I'd ever seen. Uncle rob was so true to who he was.


I pulled out the note that Ashton wrote me from yesterday and skimmed through it once more.

I wrote you this note when you were sleeping ha ;) and I just wanted to say I really enjoyed talking to you today and well, there's not really a purpose to this note but I just couldn't seem to get tired and the guy in front of me won't stop snoring :(. You look so peaceful sleeping next to me:) Please don't forget about calling me so we can have fun again. Love Ash xx p.s. I spammed your camera with selfies.

The words he used were the same

My eyes went back and forth scanning the papers

Their writing styles were so similar it was scary.

My thoughts were interrupted with a

I heard the door being unlocked from downstairs.

I shoved both of the notes in my pocket and ran out of the room. I tried to quickly wedge my body into the opening and get out. I ran into the game room and down the stairs.

It was uncle rob.

He was facing the tv away from the kitchen so I was able to sneak up behind him.

"Hey! I shouted.

He spun around

"Oh shi- hey faith you almost have me a heart attack!"

I smiled at him remembering the note he wrote to my aunt.

"So what have you been doing all day?" he asked pulling off his shoes and stretching out on the couch."

"Oh- just, exploring."

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