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Hello there.
This is my very first fanfiction in English. I am not that good but I really, really wanted to share with you some story I figured out. At the moment I am totally in the BNHA fandom and I LOVE BakuShima so much. I couldn't resist...I MUST write one.

Titel: Your dark secret
Fandom: My Hero Academia
Pairing: Bakugo Katsuki x Kirishima Eijirou
Gerne: Mystery, Thriller, Sounen Ai, a little bit Drama, Angst and Mature content
Disclamer: I don't own the characters or Boku no Hero Academia. I don't get money with this. I'm just writing it for fun. The pictures belong to the owners and just are needed als visual help

Important to know:
This is a story, which is playing in an alternative universe. You got no quirks in here, no heroes and nor villains. I also changed the ages of the characters and some people don't know each other.

I got inspired to write this story, by watching a special picture of Bakugo and Kirishima.

Attention! This story involves violence and blood. So if you have weak nerves, you should not read further. In addition, in this fanfiction things like BoysLove and so will be available. If that does not bother you, I hope you enjoy reading.

Short summary:
After one of his best friends died, Eijirou tries to learn more about the circumstances of this death. It always comes back to unexpected encounters with his neighbor Katsuki and Eijiro soon finds out that the young man knows more about that death than it initially seemed.
While trying to find out more, Eijirou witnesses a bloody crime and soon has to worry about his own life...

Before I'm starting with themain story I want to introduce you the main characters, who will appear in thisstory


Bakugou Katsuki

Age: 23 YearsHair colour: ashy blondeEye colour: carmineSpecial Characteristics: He's got a scar (10 cm big) on his stomach and a tattoos on his right arm (starting from his chest and looking like some thorn tendrils), his right ear is also pierce...

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Age: 23 Years
Hair colour: ashy blonde
Eye colour: carmine
Special Characteristics: He's got a scar (10 cm big) on his stomach and a tattoos on his right arm (starting from his chest and looking like some thorn tendrils), his right ear is also pierced
Likes: Silence, cigarettes, if everything goes as he likes, to have the absolute control, being dominant, doing sports (boxing), horror novels, cooking (and he loves spicy food)
Dislikes: People who don't do as he wish, annoying persons, thinking of his past, having no cigarettes, bad novels
Job: unknown
At first sight, Katsuki seems to be really introverted and mysterious. But you know: silent waters are really deep. He's an impulsive person, who gets annoyed because of unnecessary things really quick and can start yelling und roaring. He's also used to a vulgar language. But behind his rough wall he's a guy who's able to be surprising gentle. He just won't show it to others but if he cares about someone, he is able to show this person more than just angry glances. Sometime he'll be able to smile (SOMETIMES! This is really RARE). But if he got interest in someone he's really possessive just the same way he's passionate. He can't stand if people touch what he owns.
He lives in the same house as Eijiro. Every time they meet, Katsuki shows his 'friendly' face. And to the bad luck of the blond he runs the redhead with the "Shitty Hair" permanently on the way, without that knows at all with whom he puts on there permanently. Because Katsuki has a dark secret: as "Ground Zero" he does one or the other dirty job. His motivations are unknown.

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