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"Yena, is that the girl you chose over Koeun?"

"What? I didn't chose her over Eunie, Seulgi noona!?" Mark said wide eyes.

"Yes, you did! It was when Koeun asked you to accompany her in her rap lessons but you said you're going somewhere." Jungyeon said.

"Because she cancelled it the day before..." Mark said while looking at Koeun who is closing her eyes because she remembered that incident again.

"Will you guys please stop, it was my fault, okay. I really thought the rap lesson was cancelled so I told Mark about it. But then, teacher called me on that day so I said okay, I called Mark but he was not answering, I called Donghyuckie and he said he will just relay the message to Mark. I dont know what happened after.." Koeun said and drink another glass of tequila.

"Donghyuck never said anything to me though." Mark said apologetically to Koeun.

"its okay, Mark!" Koeun said laughing while patting Mark at the back.

"Who accompanied you then?" Mark asked Koeun with a small voice, still regretting that he didn't fulfill his promise to Koeun that he will accompany her on her rapping lessons schedules.

"It was Lucas, Mark." Jungyeon answered for Koeun.

Mark heaved a deep sigh and leaned on the back rest of his chair.

"Yah, Mark Lee you haven't answered the question yet!" Joy told Mark.

Mark drunk the glass of tequila.

"All of them are just my friends. If you want me to choose someone I like, she's not in the choices." Mark said. While pouring tequila to his glass.

"Hey, you've been drinking since 9pm." Koeun told Mark softly, just for the both of them to hear.

Others continued playing while Mark and Koeun have their own world.

"I'm just upset, you could've just called me." Mark said to Koeun

"Didnt I just said that I cant contact you? You're not answering your phone. I assumed you were sleeping. I dont want to disturb you." Koeun said, ready for a row.

"So, I think the reason that you didn't reply to any of my texts and calls and you giving me cold shoulders after that day is you were mad at me?" Mark said through gritted teeth.

"I was busy after that day and I didn't give you cold shoulders though. I was just really tired." Koeun said while looking at the floor.

"Stop lying, Koeun. You're driving me insane you know." Mark said while drinking another shot.

"Stop drinking." Koeun told Mark almost shouting.

"Hey, you two. Talk it out. Were giving you 30 minutes. Hurry! Irene might check on us later and if you're still not here. We're all dead." Doyoung snapped.

Mark stands up and pull Koeun by the hand. They went to the side of the house where the small pond is located. Enough to hear the bickering voices of Doyoung and Taeyong.

"What?" Koeun asked Mark as soon as they stopped walking.

"You're driving me crazy." Mark said looking Koeun in the eyes.

"How? Why? I dont understand you." Koeun said.

"I know you understand. Stop pretending you dont." Mark said then brushed his hair upwards.

"I really dont understand you, Mark! I dont know whats the real reason why you're getting mad at me. If you're mad at me because I didn't contact you that day then I'm really sorry. I promise, if the teacher calls again I will let you know, okay?" Koeun said, teary-eyed, frustrated about Mark and the situation they are in at the moment.

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