edited chapter two

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you made your way back to the field for training. you scoured the field to see who was available to spar with. the field was full of soldiers, you could see connie and sasha rolling around on the ground, clearly taking it seriously.

armin was watching eren and mikasa. you were going to head over until you remembered what the captain had said.

"(y/n)" a familiar voice called from behind. "how about you train with me?" jean smirked. you sighed a little and made your way over to him.

"you ok? you seem.. a little different" his eyes never seemed to meet yours at first, he was too busy looking at every aspect of your body. "i'm fine thanks, now that i'm on squad levi" you said smug, knowing jean would have something to say about this. you both stood opposite each other, feet apart and ready, closely watching and waiting for one of you to make a move.

"what? you're on squad levi? are you sure he didn't mean to ask someone else?" he stated quite bluntly. he pushed forward, trying to grab you as he did but you defended and pushed him to the ground. "he asked for me" you looked down at him, your arm across his chest, his hair spread across the grass and his brows furrowed.

"that's strange" he pushed himself back up, catching you off guard. you lay beneath him now. one arm pushed against your chest making sure you couldn't move. "i know.. but he said i would be an asset" you looked up at him, his hair now a mess. his face was close to yours, his other hand was holding yours above your head. he was about to speak when there was a loud whistle. everyone quickly stood. levi had stopped everyone from training and he was looking right at you.

"that's a bit early" jean ran his hand through his hair. levi held his glare. "what are you doing shorty?" hange nudged levi, breaking his eye contact. hange waved her hands "carry on everyone you're doing great!" she reassured as everyone began training again.

it was already time to eat, you walked into the hall, jean by your side. he looked over to the table eren was sat on. "(y/n) is on squad levi" he almost shouted. eren looked up from his food. armin waved you over, a smile on his face. you walked with jean to his table and armin slowly lowered his hand. you could see both eren and armin talking.

everyone at the table was asking you questions. why? how? you didn't know how to answer them as you weren't quite sure yourself.

jean rested his arm around your shoulders "i think (y/n) needs some time to take it all in. hm?" he tiled his head. you nodded and looked down at your food, picking at it as you weren't that hungry. sasha ended up eating what was left.

you and jean had a good friendship. he was always flirting with you, but if anyone else would try it and you weren't happy then he'd always help you out.

you just couldn't get him off your mind. levi. you had heard the name before, strange as it wasn't very common. you couldn't resist but look up to the higher ranking table. of course he was there. sat with his legs apart, leaning back into his chair, you noticed he hadn't eaten his food either, perhaps something was bothering him. the other soldiers were talking around him as he wasn't joining in on the conversation. he looked your way and your eyes met for just a second. you could feel your cheeks starting to burn.

that night jean walked you back to your room. he lent against the doorframe, arms crossed. "you think you will like squad levi (y/n)?" he asked, slight concern in his voice. "yes, i think so" you turned around to face him. he nodded and walked away. "i've been told i've got to spend the night cleaning the stables, levi's orders. i wonder why" his voice trailed off in the distance.

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