The Three Suspects

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3rd PoV

"Is this the place?" Hibari raises an eyebrow as he gazes at the rundown place.

It's significantly different from Luca's place. This building in front of them is so destroyed, they are afraid that a step inside will make the whole place crumble.

"He can't be wrong... Right?" Koro's smile is showing nervousness.

"Why did you even trust him in the first place, Carnivore. So foolish" Hibari sighed.

"Ahahah..." Koro could only smile sheepishly.

"No turning back now. If we ever got fooled [a/n: I would say 'trolled' but it's Hibari, lol] it's your fault"

Hibari knocks this time. They waited and waited...

And Waited...

And Waited...

... Until Hibari's patience reaches its limits and walks away.

"Wha—Oi, Hibari!" Koro runs to him. Just as they completely leave the place, the door opens.

The two stop on their tracks and look at the opening door.

"Who's there" a voice demanded with suspicion.

A head popped out, a man with similar features of Luca looks at them.

"Ahhh, we're looking for Matteo Di Morfetta?" Koro said.

"That's me. Who are you?" he demands.

"I'm Koro and this is Hibari, Vongola's Cloud guardian—" at that Matteo widens his eyes from shock.

"—We're here to talk about a certain person called F.C"

—W/ Tsuna.

Tsuna hums as she walks towards her office, this time alone as Gokudera walks away with a red face.

She wonders why?

All they did was conversing properly for the first time. Usually it was Gokudera who initiates a conversation and Tsuna answers with one or two word sentence.

"See you later Gokudera-kun, I'll call you when I need you" she said with a bright smile and he nodded, blushing brightly before walking (a/n: more like running but Ok...) away and Tsuna swore to have heard a squeal from him.

Tsuna giggles and shakes her head "Silly, silly Gokudera-kun..."

Just as she opens her office's door, it was immediately shut by someone pulling the same doorknob her hand was grasping and felt a breath behind her neck.

She stiffened.

"Where were you, Decima?"

Her heart races.

"... Reborn"

(A/n:..*sips tea*)

—W/ Koro and Hibari.

"I see. So you're also after this man." Matteo said as they sits down on a sofa with Matteo in front of them sitting on a leather seat.


"So you already know it's gender"

"Yes, I do. Such basic info made me do hard work. Other things too such as his age range which is from 20 to 35, nationality is pure Italian, No lovers, blood type is O." Matteo said, sliding a folder on the coffee table to them.

Hibari wordlessly grabs the folder and skims through them, trying to find something useful.

"I did my research and this—" Matteo slides three photos "—are the suspects, which I'm sure off"

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