Talks And Forgiveness

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3rd PoV

Dino was dealing with paperwork when a subordinate of his entered.

"Dino-sama, Vongola has notified of their boss' arrival."

Dino raised an eyebrow at that. "Ah, really? I see. Please prepare some tea" the man nodded andeft the room.

Dino stands up and walks to the big window on his left.

From a far he could see a limo arriving, just passing the big gates that separates the Familia from the outside world.

He frowns not knowing Tsuna's motives.

"I have a bad feeling about this" he murmured before leaving the room. Ready to welcome his lil sister.

—W/ Tsuna.

The brunette woman let's out a sigh as she steps out the limo. Thanking Gokudera who accompanied her, they went inside, where Dino is waiting for them smiling.

"Little Sister! How have you been!?" Dino laughs in delight as he hugs her.

He nods at Gokudera who nods back.

"I'm good. How 'bout you Dino-nii?" she smiled staring up at him.

"Im doing great. Now, even though I like your visits may I know why you're here?" he inquired as he leads them to his office.

"Ah. It concerns one of your subordinates. Di Morfetta was it?"

Humming, Dino opens the door being the gentleman he is.

"Gokudera-san, please stay here" said man frowned again but obeyed.

The two sky users entered the room and the serene atmosphere that surrounds them become heavy.

"What about him, Tsuna?" he asks.

He sits on his office chair while Tsuna is in front sitting on the comfortable chair that he provided her.

"Koro has discovered that your subordinate is tailing a certain man, F.C. Does it ring a bell?"

Dino narrowed his eyes and nodded. "Ah. What do you know bout this individual?"

"Nothing extreme. Few weeks ago, this man has said to ordered a subordinate of his to... Stalk my friends and I." Dino has his eyes wide.

"Few days later Koro managed to corner this man resulting some infos which were pretty much useless as Koro has dubbed it." Tsuna sigh as she stares at her tea.

"Last week a letter arrived. No sender, it made me suspicious. Inside was a letter and a... Very disturbing picture of the man who previously stalked us" the two boss clenched their jaw.

"That's where we obtained the name... Or the initials F.C"

"I suppose that you want more information about this F.C" Dino said pulling a folder from under his desk.

"If it's not too much trouble" She muttered.

Dino laughs triumphantly "Lucky for you I have plenty. I'll send you the most important ones." Tsuna smiles.

"Arigatou Dino-nii" she said softly.

Dino smiled back "Anything for my Lil sis. So enough of this... Mafia things. How's your love life~~~?" he grinned mischievously.

"... bye Dino-nii"

"What--no, Tsuna! Come back!" Dino laughs as he catches her by the waist.

"I am not going to talk to you about my love life!" Tsuna rejected.

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