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"Mark, you should stop drinking!"

"Unnie, stop being a kill joy please. Mark is just so cute!!!" Joy said while laughing with Yeri.

Red Velvet, NCT and some rookies planned a celebration, drinking session, especially to the 99 line, Lucas, Yeri, Koeun and Mark.

Irene being the oldest of them all was the one in charge to look out for the kids who just turned into adults. While, Taeyong, Doyoung and Kun checked the NCT members who are still minors.

"I didn't know that Mark will be this cute. Please do the gwiyomi, Mark!" Johnny said, mixing some English words in his Korean sentence.

"Yah, hyung I'm not that drunk, I'm just tipsy! You know!" Mark said while drinking another glass of tequila.

"I want to do it, hyung! But I want Winwin hyung to do it with me." Lucas who volunteered to be the clown of the group.

"Winwin is already in the bathroom. He's vomitting. I'm sure Yiyang will beat him tomorrow" Seulgi said then scolded Johnny for recording Lucas who's doing something intolerable.

"Are the Dreamies already sleeping, Doyoung?" Irene asked, the word worry is evident on her face.

"Nope, but they're already in their respective rooms. They're watching the video of Mark, Lucas and Taeil hyung dancing to Rookie" Taeyong said, scratching the back of his head.

"Why did I agree to this anyway? You guys are such a mess. I'll go to sleep first! Seulgi take care of Johnny, I'm sure he'll just sleep somewhere. Doyoung since you're the best drinker here look out for all of them.. Wannie cooked a soup for your hangover, just re-heat it. Okay?" And they all nod their heads.

Before she made another step Irene went back, that made the group stop laughing.

"Before I forgot!!!! Taeyong, look out for Yeri and Jaehyun!!! Let them sleep separately. Okay!? Im going to sleep now" Irene said.

The only drinkers left were Seulgi, Joy, Yeri, Taeyong, Doyoung, Johnny, Jaehyun, Lucas and Mark.

"Lovers, did you hear what Irene noona said?" Taeyong to Yeri and Jaehyun.

"YES SIR!!!!" They said.


The drinkers left were loud and wild. Especially, Lucas and Johnny while the girls were busy laughing and recording them. It's already 12 midnight and they're still drinking and having fun.

"Yah, you guys are so noisy.." Koeun said while drinking water. "I can't continue my sleep because your voices are too loud."

"Yah, you said that you will come back right after you put the girls to bed.. why did you comeback just now?" Yeri said while pulling Koeun to sit beside her.

"My head hurts." Koeun said.

"But you only had 3 glasses of tequila?" Lucas said while pushing the shot glass to Koeun. "Drink."

But before Koeun reached the glass Mark gets the shot glass from Lucas and immediately drinks it.

"Dont let her drink. She's not feeling well." Mark coldly said after drinking the tequila.

Then the group suddenly becomes silent.


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