Meet the Profile Team

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AngusEcrivain, probably part Wookie given that hair although not even he is entirely sure of his lineage. Angus likes to think himself a hero but in truth he's bounty hunter, made clear by the fact he names his ship Grave 317, a number ever-rising with every bounty he collects.

Red_Harvey, a complete General Leia, and Princess Leia come Halloween time! She had a Star-Wars themed wedding on the beach, complete with her father, Darth Vadar, in attendance. She spends her days teaching, writing, and herding her little bots back and forth between school and soccer practice.

ashutoshmoru, or to use his secretive Jedi moniker, Master Moru, is a Jedi of the highest order. The most competent of all in the many disciplines of the Force, Master Moru may well yet bring the balance the Galaxy so desperately needs...

WorldofPedz is a general badass bounty hunter who believes in freedom, and dislikes anything to do with the Galactic Empire. Regardless of who you are, if you have a bounty on your head she will find you. With her trusty and loyal partner, who happens to be her son. WorldofPedz is more deadly than a Sith Lord, and rumour has it she is in direct competition with Angus (see above) though given the fact she was born several generations after him, it's all semantics, really.

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