Sea Cosmicflight

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Sea Cosmicflight

by jesusfreak202

Scarlet and cobalt blue flashed like lightning in the vivid darkness on a lonesome moon positioned near a space station on a nearby planet. Sea Cosmicflight exhaled, releasing puffs of air into the space in front of her.

Left hand trembling, she grasped the hilt of her lightsaber, desperate to hold it steady. In the far distance, more flashes in a dance of blue and red and green, creating a beautiful and horrifying kaleidoscope of colors in a wild maelstrom, one that could be their end. "Even if you strike us down now, Sith," Sea began, "The Jedi will rise again."

The Sith in front of her, a Zabrak clad in black and red, just like his skin, cackled as he brought his saber parallel with his face. "I don't think so, little Jedi." Leaping over her, the Sith swung toward her overhanded but Sea sensed his movements with the Force. It was her guide, her aid and closest companion.... Had been for many years.

Sea whirled around just in time to bring her glowing cobalt lightsaber against his in time to block him from chopping off her head. He pressed against her, showing rows of teeth that appeared purple as the light of their sabers reflected on them.

Sea grunted, sweat pouring from her forehead, but her strength waned. He shoved her backward and she stumbled, catching her balance with the Force just as the Sith brought his left hand up. Violet lightning appeared in his palm as he threw it toward her. Sea's lightsaber blocked it but the energy of it sent her flying backward.

Her back slammed against a tree as stars danced in her vision. The click of her lightsaber powering off echoed in her ears. Before Sea had a chance to move or react, the Sith charged toward her and brought his lightsaber down upon her chest.

Pain exploded and then - 

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