🌈 26.05 | GUESS WHO'S BACK!!

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your girl renn has made her not very much awaited comeback ♡

after much struggles and stress, i'm here, i'm really here, and i'm not leaving. unless it's exams or some other shit. i can't assure you my full presence on wp.

exams are over, and the term's finished -- and we're getting our results tomorrow okay bye everyone i'm gonna die i'm not ready at all.

( my mom already claims that she's gonna get a heart attack but i said i'll probably the one dying from the heart attack first ngl )

i got a new laptop ( thank god ) and its super cool, a lot better than my other one! i have no fear of the hinge snapping because i can fold it over three-sixty degrees (so i can use it as a tablet) and it has touch feature, too. 

i was offered this detachable tablet-like laptop too but its too scary for a clumsy ass person like me to own hAHAHA

it's just weird bc now every time i touch the screen it moves and i get a mini heart attack lmao :'))

anyway !! i hope yall are alive contrast to the LY: Tear release bdskdhj the whole album is art woW?? 

like tbh blood sweat and tears who dna who i only know fake love
and gOGO WAS FOUND DEAD IN A DITCH WITH HER EDGES RIPPED thanks to anpanman hsjkhsjd


this is how the new journal will probably go? idk lmao feel free to tag me!! i'm off for the term breaks so i'm free rn and

i felt like i had lots to say but yeah on top of it all im so sorry for my sudden disappearance like that omg :(( i hope i can make it up for u with the new books i have in mind omg <3

( btw im matching with trina [ MOCHIIMIN- ] and tbh stop sleeping on her she means the world to me and she's the absolute sweetest i love her so much )

i love you all so much !! take care and stay hydrated uwu <3 i'll be back with more updates later !

   yours truly,
 renn ♡  

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