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Chapter 8

Dalila's P.O.V

"Can you believe it?'Sit with us you have no choice.'Who the hell does she think she is?" V inmated in Cathys voice.

I rubbed my temples in annoyence. She hasn't stopped talking since we arrived to class. Her voice was starting to annoy me. Let just say she's still pretty shocked about the incedent with the 'Clickers' this morning. Curently we were in Biology, and I was about ready to kick her.

"'A red head would be a nice mix to the group.' God what a bitch! Like I'm going to be seen with The 'Clickers'. Yeah fucking right." she laughed.

Just then the teacher walked in. Her outfit today...white skinny jeans and an orange spagetti strap top. Also with some white flip flops.

"Great. Teacher here. TTyl" she winked as she jumped off the stool next to mine and walked over to her lab partner.

Speaking of lab partner, where is mine? As if it was practiced, on que, Angelo walked in. With his usual swag. His face was serious, and his thick, perfect lips were pressed in a thin line. His eyes held anger and something else I couldn't phase.

He looked exstra Lusious today. This time he didnt have on a leather jacket, but a white V-neck short sleeved shirt, and his usual dark jeans that hung low on his hips. My eyes traveled lower down his legs where his leg muscles bunched up behind his jeans.

The girls in the front immediently stopped their conversation, and I regconized the girl who was dry humping him yestserday. She threw him a wink, and a little smirk pulled out onto his face.

I scowled at the front board. Not looking away when I felt the heat radiating off his arm as he sat next to me.

"Alright class, good morning. Today we will be starting a new session. Nuclear Power Plants. You are all going to work with your lab partner in this experiment, and create a nuclear power plant, using it to save energy and electricy. I will hand out some test tubes, and plants, and some light bulbs. Take notes on the sheet of paper, and you may began."

A girl with short brown hair began passing out the items to use. I took out my pen from my pencil case and wrote my name on the paper.

"Whats with the scowl on that beautiful face of yours princess?" Angelo purred. His voice it's usual deep and husky tone.

"Whats with the smirk on that disoriented face of yours asshole?" I shot back. My eyes widened as I reaized what I said. A few people turned back startled and let out a few laughs and "Ohhhhhh's."

His raised his pefect black eyebrow at me. Oh shit. Why did I start this?

"I'll tell you if you tell me whats with the pissy dress on that fat body of yours slut." he snapped.

I felt the heat rising up on my cheeks as everyone was now 'Ohhhhhing' at him, looking at me for an response.

Tears prickled into my eyes as I turned back to face the front. All the memories were flooding back to last year, and I self consciously pulled on the ends of the dress.

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