What happened

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     I walk into the room to see Felik on the ground. Mark was standing in front of him with a knife. "Mark, what did you do?" "I did what had to be done." I run over to Mark and take to take the knife out of his hands but he refuses. "Mark, put the knife down." He cluches the knife harder. "Just put the knife down and everything is going to be okay." Mark releases his grip and drops the knife on the floor. He stares at Felix's dead body.
     Jack walks in and sees police officers taking Mark away. Then he noticed the dead body on the floor. "What the fuck happened?" " Mark killed Felix." "Why?" "I don't know"
They took Felix's body away and I went to visit Mark in jail. I talked with him and asked why he killed Felix. "I was keeping Felix away from Jack. Jack belongs to me not that Swedish bitch!"
I left Mark to settle down. So he killed Felix; I don't think it was him. I think it was Dark who did it.

I might come back and write more. Also edit it

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