Chapter 7

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"Voice down, Princess."

He said. "Who the fuck are you amd why are you holding me like this!" You shouted. He was startled. "Its your bodygaurd, Jungkook, yeonh-

"Its princess for you, Mr. Unknown." You glared at him. And thats when it clicked his brain.

Soooo... he thought. Her father must've given her that... that forgetting medicine. He scoffed.

"You.." he stared deeply her eyes. "Stop eye-fucking me and state your buissness." You folded your arms. "Are you actually kidnapping me? And bodygaurd? Tsk. Bodygaurd my ass. I dont even know you. And all of this acting of yours, keep it to yourself. Huh! I know guys like you. Wanting to get close to a princess wherever, however and whenever they want haha! Very funny? No, bitch." You sighed after giving him a long ass lecture.

He smirked. Amused by this new fiesty mode of yours.

Just when you turned your back on him, he pulled you dangerously close and whispered, "Tonight, be ready. I'll be coming to save your ass."

"SAVE MY ASS? HUH!" You kicked the ground. "Im telling dad right this instant that a guy will be coming tonight to save my ass. Yes."

You got up from the bed.

Just when you was crossing your dad's room, "Yes, Prince Min."

"Huh? I wasn't expecting him to be in his room..." You mumbled.

"Prince... prince min jae?" Your mouth hunged down and you clenched your fists. "Dad..." you called out.

But it looked like he was too busy talking with that prince. "My worse enimy. H-he killed mom."

Tears up in your eyes. You was angry.

"What happened miss?" Lisa asked. She looked a bit sad. Tsk. Since that bodygaurd of dad's went overseas.

"Dad... is fixing my fucking engagement with Prince Min Jae. That son of a bitch."

You said through gritted teeth as she gasped.

"Why would your dad do that?" She said. "So tonights ball meant that the Min's family will be coming over to check on you?"

"All ready." The maids said as you gulped. Your dad controlled you now. You couldnt do anything. What happened to him? When you tried to tell him that the Min's are the one who killed mom, he slapped you. He slapped you.

For the 3rd time. He slapped you.

Everything was out of your control. You had no ideas. No running plans. No control.


Now you couldnt do anything except for his wait.


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