Chapter 3A: Yo

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So this chapter ended up being longer then I expected, so I cut it in half 🙃
Please enjoy...

"Don't go! Don't leave me behind. I can do better in school. I can change my attitude. Please, don't make me leave." I'm pleading with all my might. But my mae keeps going farther and farther away from me. I'm trying to reach out to her but she doesn't even seem to be hearing me. "Please! You are all the family I have left," my pleading doesn't have any effect. It's painful, I can't do it anymore. 

Everything is fuzzing out until it becomes complete darkness.

"P' shouldn't we take him to the hospital? He hasn't woken up." What's that? Oww. My head is pounding, but there is a coolness I feel on it as well.

"Nah, Nong barely grazed his head a lil. He should be fine, I caught him before it could do any real damage. The only reason he hasn't woken up yet, is because he's exhausted. Did you see the way he was breathing when he was asleep? His body is weak. He over-exerted himself."

"But what if someone is looking for him."

I don't recognize these voices speaking. What are they talking about? Looking for who? Me? I hear foots steps and the cracking of wood in the distance.

"You saw what was inside his duffle bag... I don't think he wants to be found. Just wait till he wakes up." I hear the voices dying out. "I have to go now. Just call me later." The voices start to sound mumbled as they slowly disappear. There was sound of movement in the distance, it fades until there is complete silence.

What duffle bag? Is it mine, why would I have-

"No!" I yell out, as my eyes pop open and my body jerks into a seated position. The memories from what I'm assuming was yesterday, based on the light outside, come crashing back to me. 

I feel as the coolness slips off my head and into my lap. A cold rag? I squint my eyes closed from the throbbing pain and the brightness of the room. Where am I? How did I get here? I open my eyes back up and try to assess my whereabouts. Everything looks blurry, causing the pain to intensify the longer I keep my eyes open. Shit! Where the hell is my glasses? I frantically search around the bed. Wait, I'm in someone's bed, whose room was this?

Forget all the questions Yo. Focus. Glasses first.

The sound of running steps, causes me to freeze up. The confusion I was feeling is replaced with fear and panic in an instant. Before I can process anything, a figure rushes into the room. Causing me to jump. My back hits the headboard of the bed.

"Nong, you're awake!" A male voice yells out. "Are you feeling ok? Why were you being chased? Is your head hurting? Want me to take you to the hospital?" He's talking at a speed of a hundred words per minute. I try and focus in on the person, but I can barely make out any physical characteristics. He seems to be a young based on his height. He sounds frustrated by the tone in his voice. There's something else there as well, is he worried. Why would this unknown man care about my wellbeing? Well, at least he didn't seem like a bad person.

For now.

"Glass-es?" I ask hesitantly with a soft voice; cutting him off from asking the next question.

He's not saying anything. Did he hear me? He comes closer to me, still remaining quiet.

Humm, maybe I wasn't loud enough. Should I say it-

My thought cut's off when he's close enough that I can feel his breath against my skin. "You're nearsighted, aren't you nong?" He gives me a side smile, raising one of his eyebrows. HOLY SHIT! This guy is adorable as hell. He called me Nong, am I really older then him. I focus in on his facial features: light skin, thin pink lips, shaggy light brown hair and dark brown eyes. And was that a dimple?!

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