Chapter 1

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Author's Note: I don't own Marvel Cinematic or DC Cinematic and any of it's characters. 

~New York~

Life in the big apple was normal. People passed by and moved on to their family lives, but here in New York nothing was considered normal. A car was sent flying and crashed in the middle of the street. People were running everywhere, panicking, and filled with fear. From a far distance a huge muscular man, wearing a red helmet and red outfit with his arms exposed came charging right at them.

His name was Cain Marko otherwise known as the Juggernaut. Juggernaut was a super powered villain that was known to be called the unstoppable, once he starts moving nothing in his path can stop him. The police had arrived and were attempting to bring down the villain, when their bullets couldn't even penetrate his skin, they simply bounced off and fell down to the ground. Cars were sent flying each time Juggernaut came in ramming close to them.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, you think any of you can stop me? I'm the Juggernaut nothing can stop me." He laughed as he lifted a nearby truck and threw it at the policemen. There wasn't enough time to get out of the way, as they braced themselves for impact, but it never happened. They took a quick glance to see what had happened when they did they say a man wearing a blue skin suit, red boots, and red cape flowing from behind, hanging to his shoulders. He had a red S symbol on his chest and people recognized who it was, Superman.

Superman carefully put the truck down on the ground and slowly levitated towards Juggernaut. "I little to early to be trashing around city, isn't that right Cain?" Superman asked.

"Ha, That was just to get your attention. How else was I suppose to get the Man of Steel's attention? Now that your here its to show you who truly is the strong guest around here and once I've beaten you, everyone will know who the big man is around here." Juggernaut said, as he began to charge once again and ran towards Superman.

Superman simply touched to ground and readied himself for Juggernaut's attack. Juggernaut came in crashing towards Superman as he continued to keep on moving as Superman held him back. The ground cracked underneath his boots, Superman slowly increased his strength and slowly Juggernaut found himself unable to move anymore.

Juggernaut was in shock, no one has every stop his unstoppable momentum before. "! No one can stop me, I'm the Juggernaut!"

Superman looked up and smirked. "Well, consider yourself stopped permanently." Superman used his right arm to punch Juggernaut right square in the face and send him flying into the air. Superman propelled himself and continued to punch Juggernaut. He first punched him to the left, then to the right and using his super speed he sped right ahead of juggernaut before catching him with his hand, as Juggernaut face slammed right into it. Grabbing onto Juggernaut's face, Superman flew right back down and slammed him straight into ground zero, leaving a crater in the middle if the street.

Superman moved away from the crash site and waited to see if Juggernaut would get up. Cain slowly got up with a murderous look on his face and growled. "YOUR DEAD NOW, YOU HEAR ME!" I'M GOING TEAR THAT CAPE RIGHT FROM YOU AND SHOVE IT DOWN YOUR THROAT!" He yelled. He began to pick up his momentum again and was ready to pummel Superman. Superman levitated and moved out of the way to the left and Juggernaut found himself unable to stop. Superman then used his Arctic Breath and created wall of ice and Juggernaut crashed right into it. Then Superman immediately unleashed the biggest Arctic Breath he could mustered and Cain was frozen in a huge mountain of ice. "And that takes care of that...for now." Superman mentally said to himself. He the heard the sound a huge aircraft and saw the Shield Helicarrier flying above the city. Shield agents descended from above and surrounded Superman. Superman walked over to an agent and spoke to him. "Make sure that you take care of him when you thaw him out and jeep him locked up in a impenetrable prison, you don't want him rampaging now do you?" Superman got to work and help with any citizens that were hurt in the wreckage caused by Juggernaut.

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