The EXTREME Boxer's Reincarnation Part 2

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"Angry/Serious or Demonic/Threatening voice"

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I'll call Renato, Reborn now so please don't be confused.


The same time when Keiya arrived at her assigned place-- On Renato and Diana's side~

"Dame-Diana, hurry up or I'll leave you behind." Renato said to Diana.

"Reborn! Can't you be a gentleman to a lady!" Diana said and as if on cue her head met with a 10ton leon hammer.

"Ouch!" Diana said rubbing her poor swollen head.

And seeing this Reborn just smirk.

"Che, sadist!" Diana mumbled

Hearing this Reborn just pretend that he didn't hear it and says "What? Did you just said something?" With a innocent smile and and seeing this Diana shiver and immediately said "No-nothing" and then......


Poor Diana's head meet with the hammer again and then she started complaining and Reborn just said "A boss should not stutter Dame-Diana" and Diana said "I'm not a boss Reborn...." and so on.

Once they reach the shop they-- erm.... let me fix that Diana got what was all needed all by her self and he ask Reborn to help but he just said "It's part of your training to lift many things" innocently and drinking espresso he demanded Diana to buy.

When they were walking home they saw Mikaru and decided to tag along since they have the same destination.

Sometime later they saw Keiya almost near the house but instead of going to the house they saw her looking for something......or maybe someone.

This perked up their interest, but they decided to ask her when they are done having dinner, when they called her she seemed annoyed and they definitely knew it was their fault *gulp* 'we're dead' they thought except for a certain sadist.

"Kamikorosu" what Keiya said and then.....CHAOS began again.

Timeskip- after diner(or you could say after the food fight)

They immediately clean themselves up and head towards Keiya's room.

~Keiyas Room~

"Hn.Herbivores. Carnivore. What are you doing here?" Keiya ask(demanded)

"U-um we would like to know what you were looking at before we arrive at the house?" Diana said

"Kufufu~ right, what were you looking at?~" Mikaru said

While Reborn just lean against the door listening to their conversation.

"Hn, I saw loud-herbivore.... with many bruises" Keiya said with hidden anger, of course she would care about her family members not that she would say it out loud.

Hearing this Reborn suddenly became alarm.

"We're gonna find her tomorrow, hurry and get some sleep I'll tell mama and papa about this I'm sure they'll be alright with this" Reborn said then leave.

"Yes" Diana said while the two others are just kufufu-ing in Mikaru's case and 'hn' for Keiya.

And all of them went to bed.

Timeskip- next morning

"Okay all of you ready?" Reborn ask. And they all nod as response.

After that they went outside and find traces of the one their finding, when they check where Keiya was last time they found small traces of footprints that definitely belong to a little girl. They decided to follow the footprints that seem to lead in the forest, they got deeper and deeper into the forest until the footprints stop....... the next traces were a bloody trail and big footprints that they thought belongs to the caretaker of the child they follow it reluctantly until they arrive in a...... abandoned warehouse?

"Reborn did we really did the right thing fo-following that footprints?" Diana said only to be smack in the head by Reborn.

"Dame-Diana can't you even feel a slight weird feeling in that warehouse?" Reborn said "*sign* look like I need to tortu-- tutor you again" Reborn said slightly smirking.

"E-eh?......*gulp*" Diana said

"Kufufu, this warehouse is obviously hiding something...." Mikaru said

"Hn" Keiya agreed to what the pineapple-herbivore said.

After that they started rummaging the place and they found a door that seem to go down the basement of the warehouse, if you don't have a sharp eyes you can't just find that door that is carefully hidden.

"Kufufu, as expected~" Mikaru said. And just when they said that they suddenly sense a fellow Vongola so now they were sure that the one they saw was.................
The EXTREME boxer- Sasagawa Ryohei.

They immediately dash down the basement and search for their friend/family and when they open a door the scene inside makes their blood boil. The scene is where two adults they suspect it was the parents (and they were right there) torturing a child and THAT CHILD was the one they're looking for.

Without even a second thought they started to brutally attack those inhumane beings..... physically and mentally. Well they didn't forget to let some tend 'Ryohei's' wounds, and Diana the is appointed in doing that and so Diana bring her comrade/family/friend to Mikaru's house.

When Diana got into the house she explained what happened to the child and what the others were doing to his  inhumane parents their blood boil but seeing the state of the child they quickly got into the hospital, with Diana in the house waiting for the others to come home.

~The same time where Diana is going home with 'Ryohei' a group of two girls and one boys are having a torture session with some inhumane beings~ (I'll let you guys imagine what they are gonna do I'm too lazy to write it)

Timeskip- a week later

'Ryohei' have already recover and is staying at the Rokudo Household and in this past week they have introduced themselves and 'Ryohei' is now known as Ryomei and also the past few week their is only one word that can describe it..


I can't think anymore possible idea to put in Ryohei Reincarnation so sorry and I hope you like this.....

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