Chapter 39

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Only one chapter after this! :( I've loved writing it and I hoep you loved reading it! Thank you to anyone to commented voted and everything it means so much! And now - the story!

Liam P.O.V.

Zayn, Perrie and the other hybrids arrived back home safe and sound. After we had put the hybrids in the warehouse and fed them, we said goodbye and headed back to our families.

On the way, I was scared. It was okay for me to tell the truth with Ruth and all that but Louis, Niall and Zayn? And what about Jesy and Leigh-Anne? Leigh-Anne was pergnant for god damn sake. How were we going to explain that to her parents?

And we couldn't leave Jack with her mother. As much as it may seem cruel, she needed to get her hybrid brother and put him with the others. Maybe she could live with them...

But right now the warehouse isn't good enough as a home not just for the hybrids for anyone. It was literally just a room with a concrete floor and smooth walls. I don't know what we were going to do. We'd have to furnish it of course and maybe construct a few walls or something.

I had no idea where we were going to get the money though. It would hardly be easy. To furnish the entire warehouse to make it habitable would take hundreds of thousands of pounds - maybe even millions!

It was quite big, the warehouse. It would be the perfect home for the hybrids once it was furnished but for now it just wasn't and that needed to be changed.

But everything seemed to click in the Christmas holidays when we were all around together making cookies and pies. I began to sing a Christmas song that had gotten stuck in my head. Everyone had told me before that I had a nice voice and I loved to sing but I'd never really done it properly before.

Soon enough another voice joined in. It was low, much lower than mine but good. Really good. It was almost gravelly with a unique twist. I glanced around for the source and realised it was Harry. He grinned at me before continuing with his pie.

As it continued, Louis joined in. I always knew Louis had a wonderful voice but he just never was confident. He seemed it now. Harry and Louis' voice pitched perfectly together and I almost couldn't believe it.

Niall, being Irish, stormed in singing loudly. Suddenly, we heard some quiet harmonies floating in. They fitted beautifully and I felt shivers of joy running down my back. Zayn's voice was gorgeous. I glanced around at all the singing boys and dropped my utensils, facing the centre of the kitchen. They all followed until we were a small circle, singing and harmonising beautifully until the song finally ended.

Everyone was silent for a moment, the only sound our breaths ricocheting around the room. I glanced around and grinned. Smiles soon spread across everyone's faces and we began laughing.

Throughout the course of the next year we became more serious about the singing thing. None of us had any other idea where we wanted to go with our lives and singing was our passion. We got some help for the hybrids from my family and Nina who we had briefed on the situation via letters. She was very helpful and soon enough we had a fridge, a stove and a basin installed.

There was a table but no chairs and a small selection of cutlery. We were still working on heating and had set up a makeshift fireplace with some scrap metal and tiles and things we found around our house. As for school, we managed to knick a few books and textbooks and brought them back to teach the younger ones who to write and things.

We borrowed books to lend to them and they all greatly enjoyed and appreaciated it. Things we going really well.

As for Ed, we had found him an apartment, and using some of his remaining power and money, managed to locate Gemma and was formulating a plan to go and collect her.

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