Video Games - Chapter Nine

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OKAY, so I’m making the author’s note before the chapter this time, just to warn people that there is some sexual content in this chapter. 

Also, the reason it's in the Restricted Chapters Section. =] 


Chapter Nine – Radio

Lia’s POV;

I agreed to meet Justin for dinner at this local diner. I needed to talk to him about Josh blowing up on me and hopefully he could give me some kind of advice about how I could get my best friend back. I pulled my Nissan into the parking spot and turned off the ignition. I felt the sob in my throat rise as I tried to push it back down and stay strong. I miss Josh already and it hasn’t even been a day. I frowned as I looked through the window and saw Justin sitting by himself. I grabbed my purse and slowly got out my car, locking it behind me before walking into the building. “Sorry, I’m late.” I sighed, pulling into the booth. I looked up at Justin who was just frowning back at me. “Oh my god Justin what the hell happened to your face?”

He smiled a little, “Just a small encounter at the mall.”

“It looks like you got your ass kicked baby.” I moved out my seat to sit next to him.

He turned his face towards me and leaned in for a kiss. I pulled away and ran the pad of my thumb against the purple bruise surrounding his eye. “Kiss me, Lia.”

“You need ice.”

“I need you.”

I blushed and let my hair fall into my face. “You have me.”

“Good now kiss me, and make my day better.”

I leaned in slowly for a soft kiss, before pulling away when the waitress walked up to the table. “Ahem, sorry.”

She only smiled and said, “Can I get you two lovebirds anything to drink?”

“Um, just one chocolate milkshake with two straws.” Justin smiled and looked at me.

“Also a bag of ice would be good.” I added.

Justin’s POV;

“Lia, you didn’t even touch the milkshake, I’m fine.” I smiled, pulling her hand away from my face.

“Who did this to you?” She questioned, sipping the shake before turning back to my face.

“Josh and I ran into each other…” I mentioned, shrugging my shoulders.

“Josh did this to you?” She practically squealed.

As if on cue, Josh and Becca Myers of his walked in and Lia got up.

“Lia, stop!” I tried to pull her back but she didn’t budge.

Oh boy.

Lia’s POV;

“Josh who do you think you are?” I yelled, making everyone in the diner to look our way.

“Why are you talking to me?” He retorted.

“Oh shut up, I can see right through you. We’ve been friends forever, did you forget? I know you’re just putting on a front so that you don’t look like a retard in front of everyone, while you hurt everyone in your path.”

“Lia, look, just leave it alone.” Justin said from behind me, pulling me away.

“Look, how about you just stay out of it?” Josh yelled at Justin.

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