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The weather man said there is going to be a big storm tonight and I have a huge fear of Thunder. Its too loud and I can't do loud noises. Shawn called me and told me not to worry because he will be home in half an hour but I can't wait that long.

I'm sitting on the couch watching TV and trying to take my mind off the thought of a storm. I flipped through the channels when I found my favorite show. I left it there and tried to drown out the noise from outside. After a few minutes the noise got louder and more scary.

I covered my ears and squeezed my eyes shut, trying not to let it get to me. I pulled my knees up to my chest and sat in a ball on the couch. I grabbed my phone to text Shawn and ask him how much longer he will be.

Me: Hey babe!! Where are you? Im scared

Shawn: Im literally right down the street. Hang in there baby

I got up from the couch and sat down on the floor beside the front door. A few minutes later the door opened and in came Shawn. He walked in without seeing me and took off his coat. He looked down and saw me sitting there and his face softened.

"Come here," he smiled as he grabbed my hands, helping me up. He threw his coat onto the chair by the door and wrapped his arms around me, hugging me tightly. A loud crack of thunder hit and I jumped in his arms.

"Shh its ok, im here now." He soothed me and whispered loving things in my ear. The both of us went upstairs and I got into bed as he changed into some sweats. He then got into bed with me and held me close to his chest.

"Y/n i promise i wouldn't let anything happen to you. You know that right?" He whispered to me. I wrapped my arms around him and we both just held each other. "Yea i know," I said smiling at him.

"I will help you with your fear of storms if you promise to help me with my biggest fear." He said to me, making me frown. "Ok and what's that?" I asked him. "My biggest fear is disappointing you and im scared you won't love me anymore if i do," he sadly told me.

"Shawn your more than just my boyfriend, your my best friend and there is nothing in this world that you could do that would disappoint me, but i will help you," I said making him smile at me. He kissed my lips softly and we both fell asleep.

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