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Yuri was bored. He decided he hated Japan. Otabek and him were having trouble coordinating times and Alex wasn't coming for another week. He was going to die. He had so much more freedom in Russia too. There, he could go places and have fun. Here, well, here he was asked where he was going five feet out the door and if Victor didn't think it was sade he wasn't allowed to go. The only place he could go to without asking was the rink. He didn't feel like practicing though. Due to recent events he'd basically dropped out this year's runnings.

"Where are you going?" Victor asked popping his head out the door.

Yuri, who was not even eight feet from the door rolled his eyes, "I'm going to get water from the well," he held up the bucket to prove his point. It wasn't like they didn't have running water. He just needed something to do.

"Come back quickly. Don't you want to take me and Yuuri with you? Do you really need to go there?"

"No! I don't! But you aren't letting me go anywhere and I'm dying to get out the house!"

"You need to be safe, Yuri."

"Victor, love, let him go out. The town is safe. It's Hasetsu. What's the worst that could happen?" Yuuri walked into the room bouncing the baby.

"Yuuurrriiii," Victor complained, "I don't want him to get hurt!"

"No, let him go. He's a teenager Victor. He needs to get out and have fun. We can't keep him locked up."

"Fine. Please be really safe, Yuri."

Yuri grinned dropping the bucket and running into his room to grab his messenger bag before running out the door shouting a goodbye behind him. He explored the town. Maybe by the time Alex got here he would know the fun places to go. By the time the sun was going down Yuri realized he was lost. Hasetsu wasn't big, but it was big enough to get lost in. Yuri just sat down and pulled out his phone calling Yuuri. There was no way he was admitting to Victor he was lost.


"Yuuri! I'm lost."

Yuuri laughed and Yuri could almost see the smile on his face, "Okay, no problem. What's around you?"

"Lots of Japanese writing, a building with an awning, a hotel."

"Okay, so you're not far from here. Walk down the road where the awning is. You'll come to a crossroads. Go straight. Let me know when you get there."

"Okay," Yuri walked quickly realizing it was almost the time he and Otabek promised they would video call, "I'm here."

"Okay, at the next crossroads go left and that road should take you straight back here. I'll stay on the phone with you until you get here okay?"

"Yeah," Yuri took off at a run and got to the house in record time hanging up on Yuuri as he burst through the door.

"Yuri, wait, why are you moving so quickly? Slow down."

"I have to shower and it's almost time for me to call Beka!" Yuri hopped in after pulling out his receiver bathing and putting soap in his hair. He was glad that it was short. It meant it would dry faster. Getting out he towels off and put on pajamas before getting his computer out and checking his messages. No miscalls from Otabek. That was good. He glanced at the clock. One minute until the time they agreed on. He waited then called as soon as the clock turned. There was no answer. Yuri called again. No answer. Upset, Yuri waited, and waited. Hours later there was still no call. Yuri closed his computer and put it away. It was nearly midnight. He needed to get in bed.


The next morning Yuri got a text message.

Beka😘: I'm so sorry! I forgot to call. I feel terrible.

Yuri🗻: Good. You should.

Beka😘: please don't be angry. I didn't mean to. You have to know I care. It's really late at night here.

Yuri🗻: You've missed every call all week.

Beka😘: Please, Yuri. We can call now. I don't mean to.

Yuri😘: Fine.

Yuri booted up his computer turning opening his hangouts and clipping in his receiver. Otabek sent a video call request. He accepted it.

"What? Now you want to call?"

Otabek talked quickly, "Yuri....." the rest was static he couldn't pick up.

"Stop. I already told you it's hard to hear you. I guess the whole reason you didn't want to call is because you didn't want to deal with it."

Otabek looked startled, "That's not the reason I wasn't calling you," he spoke slower this time and clearer.

"Then what?"

"I've just been really busy. I'm moving back home soon remember?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Yuri, please don't be mad. It's nice to see you. I've been wanting to see you. Are your hormones going or something?"

Yuri friend, "You're so stupid! Just because I'm a teenager doesn't mask I'm moody!"

"Well, did something happen?"

"Why would you think that?"

"You seem upset."

"I am upset! I stayed up until midnight last night waiting for a call you swore would come that night."

"I'm really sorry Yuri. If I was there I could make it up to you but I'm not."

Yuri sighed, "How's moving going?"

"Not the best. The apartment owner is demanding I fix things that were here I got here. He claims they weren't."

"Are you going to fix them?"

"I don't think I have a choice."

"I hope you're better at fixing things than you are at cooking."

Otabek laughed, "I'm a lot better. My dad taught me how to do a lot of things."

"Has he learned to mind his own business yet?"

"Yuri... It turned out for the better."

"It wasn't for him to interfere in."

"You can't be mad at him forever, especially if we plan to make this a permanent thing."

Yuri was a little startled, "I thought it already was."

"Well... We never discussed it."

"I didn't think we needed to. Did you not want it to be or something?"

"No! That's not it at all! Look, I'll talk to you about it later. I have to go someone is banging on the door. Bye!" the video call went dark.

So. Otabek didn't want their relationship to develope more. Yuri just sat there forgetting his rules about not letting his mind think and wondering what was wrong with him that Otabek didn't like him.

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