Chapter XC

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"Oh what have you done milady?" Edna undid my dirty hair

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"Oh what have you done milady?" Edna undid my dirty hair.

"I got caught in the rain," I responded smiling.

"Well I reckon you do not want to get sick again like the last time?" Mary scolded me.

"Some rainstorms come to destroy but there is is rain which brings life to withered souls," Mrs. Hall talked while Edna and Mary took care of me.

"I will go make her some tea," Mary thought Mrs. Hall and I irresponsible.

"Thank you Mary," I said as she went out in a hurry to make the tea for when I was done with the bath.

"Does this have anything to do with who I suspect?" Edna asked.

"Yes and you may speak openly Mrs. Hall knows," I told Edna who loosened her posture at once.

"Good so tell us why you such glee and merriment?" Edna put on a robe so I could take bath.

"Mr. Howard forgave me, he said he did not wish to lose my friendship and even asked me for forgiveness on the matter of William and he said he shall seek to restore him to me, can you believe it?"

"No I cannot imagine him ever saying such things," Edna tried to but laughed with me.

"At last he has found his manners and a decent way to behave himself with you," Mrs. Hall made her mind known that this was not as impressive as we thought.

"I believe I might have earned some of our friendship back and I know it may not be regained in one moment but I have hope that he will see me for me, not as Cynthia has painted me and not out of his prejudice formed by Lydia's betrayal."

"And if the master does not he is a fool, like I said before you deserve someone like my young master Joseph and if Mr. Howard doss not rise up to the occasion to be who you deserve then you must not accept him," Mrs. Hall's opinion rarely changed.

"I understand, which is why you have the permission to lock me in my chambers if I decide to commit another grand error in judgment," I relinquished my power to choose alone.

"You need not give it for I see now I am the only one who can stop you all from choosing the worst possible option, I know now what I must do.

"Mrs. Hall what are you planning to do?"

"Nothing for you to worry about."

"Mrs. Hall," I complained.

"Miss Edna help her stay away from Cynthia and Mr. Howard if need be."

"Yes Mrs. Hall," Edna agreed.

"Good let me go make preparations then, I will see you two at dinner."

"Yes," I said and we were left curiously clueless about Mrs. Hall's plans.

"What did she mean by preparations?"

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