Calm The Fire: 91

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The people of Lake Town could hear the distant thundering sounds which were coming from the Mountain. A cold breeze was blowing in from the North. This breeze was heavy and thick with anticipation though. It kept most of the civilians of the town either indoors in the warm, wrapped up in front of fires, or outside coyly peering up at the looming hillside.

The Lonely Mountain from Lake Town was only just visible through a slim gap in the rolling hills which made up the scenery. If the hills didn't obscure their view, then the fog which hung around on the lake surely would. Only the peak, which seemed to touch the night sky, with its shining stars and brightly shimmering moon, could be seen. On most days, admittedly, people did not glance that way. They feared that upon simply looking up at the Mountain that the dragon would come tearing out. Wings batting against the air, mouth wide opened hailing fire down at them.

With the shifting of the moon, the sparse peak came back into view for those who were still milling about in the streets. There was a dim glow coming from deep within its cavernous doorway.

"Look!" One person exclaimed and grasped onto the arms of anyone near to them. They pointed their finger up at the light. "Look! Lights! Something is happening up there I tell you!"

"Perhaps the King Under the Mountain is forging gold?" Was the retort which they got while their arm got shrugged off.

"It's been sometime since they travelled North." One sceptical voice suddenly piped up. "But then, perhaps the songs and prophecies can prove themselves true."

"Which King?!" A man exclaimed bitterly from his doorway. He looked to the conversing group and frowned at them. "What King are you referring to? There is only one King Under the Mountain, and he breathes fire. He is the only King we have ever truly known." The man spat his words out while shifting from foot to foot.

"Must you come out with such foreboding heavy rubbish?" A woman chided with a laugh and waved a hand at him. She readjusted the grip she had on her basket and passed by them.

"She's right, think of something positive for once." The first voice who had started this whole conversation piped up again. The man who was seemingly getting picked on waved his hand and returned to his home, making sure to slam the door shut as he went.

The man that left had disappeared just to miss out on the sight of a bright illumination from the other side of the hills. The whole end of the river which shored there suddenly shone out with a deep orange almost amber colour.

"The King Under the Mountain!" The small group cheered and threw their hands in the air happily. Their greed for wealth and wonders were perhaps getting away with them. Their excitement, if anything, had seemingly spread. Those who were tucked away in their homes, all safe and warm, had either poked their heads out of their windows, or had left their homes completely.

The warm glow which seemed to set the river alight was growing closer. The excited tension which was in the air slowly turned to dread as a form split through the smoke and soared ever closer. Then, and only then, the excited cheers from earlier turned to noises of dread, and fear.

The man who had spoken his earlier foreboding words had also reappeared to see what the commotion was. He wasn't stupid. He turned and ran as fast as he could through the streets. He pushed people out of the way, an action which caused names and shouts to be shot at him. But he paid little mind to it all.

Scrambling down steps and through winding side streets, he finally managed to get to the large building which the Master claimed as his home. "The Dragon is coming!" He shouted and banged on the heavy door. "The Dragon is coming or I am a fool!" He shouted and banged more urgently. No one was answering his calls. Why was no one answering? Someone had to answer. This was a matter of dire need, a life and death situation which needed to be heeded.

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