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Rose and I went up to my room and layed back on the bed. After a few minutes I got up and pulled out my movie collection, Rose got up and started to stifle through them till one caught her eye.

"What about this one?" She asked holding up 'children of the corn' with a smirk on her face.

"A horror?" I questioned with raised eyebrows my hand stifling through the other movies.

"Yeah, why not? You scared?" She questioned smiling as she sat up. I shook my head and grabbed the disc before putting it on the DVD player on my laptop.

"I'm not scared of shit." I stated, clearly lying as I jumped back onto the bed before pressing play.

Me and Rose both layed back on the bed our hands leant on to the pillows as I pulled the fluffy, dark blue comforter over us.

The movie was scary and it caused me to jump every once in awhile causing Rose to laugh. Once the movie was over I felt like every noise I heard was something supernatural.

"Clove calm down, you're just scaring yourself." Rose stated, as I heard something from outside the window.

"Come on Rose you have super hearing, you had to have heard that." I responded getting off the bed.

"Okay yeah I did hear it but it was probably nothing." She exlcaimed smiling.. wait why was she smiling?

I neared closer to the window right as a fingure jumped up to it causing me to scream loudly and fall back onto a laughing Rosalie.

"That was perfect!" Rosalie laughed as we were both on the floor as I stared up at a laughing Jasper.

I looked down my heart still racing before glaring up at jasper and muttered, "jerk" knowing that he could hear me loud and clear.

His laughing ceased before coming into the bedroom completely and helping Rose and I up. We all got onto the bed, and allowed Rose to pick another movie.

"Want to invite Emmet?" I asked Rose as I snuggled into Jasper's side while we laid on the bed.

"Nah he isn't a fan of horror movies, anyways I'm spending time with my brother and soon to be sister." She responded smiling, I jumped out of my cuddling position with Jasper and into a huge hug with Rose.

I smiled into her hair as her arms came around me aswell before stating, "you are the best Rose."

"I know." She responded as I get her go and layed back into Jasper's arms.

"Okay this one sounds good." She finished while holding up 'the babadook'.

"Huh I've never seen this one, I didn't even know I had it." I stated grabbing the disc from her hands, only giving it back to her so she could put it in the DVD player.

Long story short, the movie was terrifying even Rosalie flinched once. Jasper had a stone face during the whole movie, even laughing when the child was screaming in the car.

"How did you not get scared by that?" I asked Jasper as the credits rolled across the screen.

"I've seen much worse darlin." He responded a small smirk on his face at how tough he was being precieved.

Rose pulled the movie out of the player and out back in it case. She went back to looking through the movies.

"One more?" She asked holding up 'amityville horror' the one with Ryan Reynolds.

"Fine, but I'm going to have nightmares." I replied as she popped it into the DVD player, this time she got up and turned out the lights so we were sitting in pitch black watching the scariest movie I owned.

"I'll stay with you till you fall asleep so you won't be scared." Jasper whispered into my ear as my was against his chest.

I leaned my head back to rest on his shoulder in a way of saying thank you.

Once the movie was over I was literally shaking, that movie terrifys me. My arms were clutched around Jasper's waist in fear.

"Darlin you can open your eyes its over." Jasper stated his hand rubbing up and down my back.

I opened my eyes to meet his sympathetic topaz one's before sighing, "I hate horror movies, yet they are half my collection."

I sat up and saw Rose shrugging on her Jacket before coming over and giving me a hug.

"I'll see you tomorrow Clove and don't stay out too late Jasper were hunting tonight." She stated while she opened the window before jumping out of it.

"One of these days I'm gonna bolt that window shut so you guys will be forced to use the door." I stated as I shut my laptop and Jasper turned out the light. I layed my head on to his chest in hope to get some sleep after the scary movies.

I closed my eyes as I felt Jasper press a kiss to the crown of my head before being consumed into sleep.

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