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Hello, my readers! I just finished my exams so I think I'll be able to post the chapters back in usual time, once a week. So thank you sooo much for those who wait. As you can see, I've changed the name of the character in this story.

Danielle -> Sarah
Duncan -> Andrew

I know its ridiculous to changed it bcs I've written until this chapter, but I kinda like these names more than the previous ones.

Oh yeah, I hope it's not too late bcs I wanted to wish Salam Ramadan for all my Muslim readers!

Enjoy the chapter!


Layla knew me well enough. She knew about my curious nature. She knew that I wouldn't just leave her, and with that, I'd give my best to find out where she and Andrew could be. She must leave a clue or something.

I started with a messy desk in the living room. There were lots of old magazines, but no clue. Those magazines probably Layla's. I continue to search below the furnitures, through the books, on the piano, everywhere! But ended up nothing.

After I look around, like, everywhere, I sit on the couch, catching my breath and think. Think Sarah, if you were Layla, where would you place a clue for someone like me? I did some thinking but end up nothing as well.

This is truly just a waste of time. I've searched the entire house but there was no clue to be found. Where the hell isn't?

I gave up. Maybe its enough for today. I'll try again tomorrow. I came to the front door and picked up the jacket that I dropped earlier. I was about to wear my shoes when I saw a long mirror in the hallway. I don't remember saw it the last time I came. I walked to the mirror and stood in front of it.

There was a pale and tired girl in the reflection - one who didn't know why she was there. It took some time to realise that it was me in the mirror. I saw the necklace around my neck. A necklace that mom gave it to me two years ago. It was a heart-shaped diamond and a birthday gift from her. I always wear it everywhere I go.

I don't know if its a value of art but mom said it was. It's been passed along our generation from our ancestors. She got it from my grandma and she passed it to me. Since I was getting older and will be parted from her to go to college, she wants me to remember her everytime I wear it. I continue to look at the necklace by the reflection.

However, there was something else in the reflection. Layla's jacket was on the coat hanger behind me. Weird. She never leaves her jacket behind, especially her favourite one. I remembered the last time she wears it, saying it means a lot to her since I'm the one who gave it to her. There must be something. I grabbed it and feel the pockets. Then I found it. It's the clue. It was an envelope with my name on it.

Jackpot! Thank goodness for following my instinct. Can't wait to read it.

I took the envelope and was about to open it when suddenly my phone rings. I groaned. Whoever is it, wrong timing bro. I took the phone out of my pocket and look at the person who calls me.


Shit. I totally forgot about him. I paced around the living room, thinking about what to say. Then, the ringtone died. I was about to take a huge relief when my phone rings again. Okay Sarah here goes nothing.

"Hey bro." I took a big fake yawn. Ergh this is embarrassing.

"Hey, are you still sleeping?" He asked.

"Yes." I took another fake yawn. Let's just say the plan is to pretend that I didn't hear him because I'm too sleepy and accidentally end up the call.

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