A New World Unlike His Own

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She was surprised at the tone of his voice. He never sounded so vulnerable and insecure until this very moment. Something in her felt the need, but to say yes to him. So she did, "Fine, after class."

Hikaru didn't attempt to hide the smile that broke throughout his face and replied, "Meet me at the club room."

After class, Hikaru and Erin walked side by side in an awkward silence until they reached the club room. Which felt like eternity to both of them. Hikaru didn't feel like himself at all. He felt so naked and nervous. He couldn't understand how someone was able to take his self assurance and confidence away from him without even trying. He wasn't able to wrap his head around it.

Erin wasn't doing so well herself either. She felt her palms getting sweaty and felt an uncomfortable knot in her throat. She wasn't entirely sure why she felt so nervous all of a sudden herself, but something was telling her it wasn't going to be a walk in the park.

Hikaru approached the entrance to the club room first and held the door open for Erin who quickly walked inside. Hikaru took a deep breath before following her inside the room.

Erin placed her school bag on a random couch before dedicating all her attention onto the redheaded twin.

She stared at him and he stared back. Only six feet of space stood between them. Hikaru was captivated by her eyes. Her stormy gray eyes was so mysterious to him. But it wasn't the same kind of mystery that his brother and himself held. It was more inviting and warm unlike his secretive and isolated attitude towards the outside world that he and his brother shared.

She was different. Different from him. He tried to deny it, but he knew deep down he liked that about her. He didn't want to feel that way about her though. He didn't want her to enter his little world he built with Kaoru. Only one other person had accomplished such an act and one was enough to him, but unfortunately that person didn't want to be a part of his world. He wanted Haruhi to want him, but he knew she never will. She had her eyes set on someone else and as much as Haruhi tried to deny it he knew it was true. She was the only person who had been able to tell him and his brother apart until the day Erin walked into his world.

So many thoughts were running through his head and he didn't know where to begin.

Erin grew more anxious with ever passing second. She just wanted him to spit whatever he was going to say out already so she could have a peace of mind. The confusion of the unknown was becoming very overwhelming and she was close to opening her mouth to quicken the process of his mouth forming words. Fortunately for her, he beat her to the punch.

"I like you."

Three words. Spoken very quickly and softly, she almost didn't comprehend what he said. Her eyes widen slightly and her mouth gasped open with a look of bewilderment on her face. She felt confused, angry, happy, then angry once again in a matter of seconds.

Hikaru witnessed the fastest cycle of mood swings that even Tamaki couldn't top. That kind of scared him, but he wasn't going to admit that to anyone, especially not to her. He still had his pride.

"Now you like me? I thought I was a piece of trash that was better off dead?" Her words cut through him like a knife on bare skin.

He was instantaneously reminded of the day those exact words had once flew out of his mouth without a second thought to what was being said. Now he felt horrible for the cruel words he and his brother once said to her. It was now when he finally felt the remorse and compassion that was once missing that day. It was that very moment he wished he never spoken such cruelty to her. Now it seemed like he will be eating those exact same words soon enough.

He was about to attempt to defend himself when Erin stopped him with the wave of her hand and continued to speak.

"You ruined my relationship with Mitsukuni. You and your brother made me feel the lowest I had ever felt in my entire life that day and you didn't give a rats ass how I felt. Why the fuck should I care how you feel now?" The venom in her voice was evident and Hikaru involuntarily cringed back at the nonexistent force her words brought.

He decided for once he will be completely honest with himself and with her. He didn't see any other option and so he began his defense.

"I'm sorry for what my brother and I said to you. I wish I hadn't said the things I said, but I can't take back what has already been said. I can try to make up for it..." He stopped for a moment and observed her facial features to try to get an idea of how she was taking it.

Her expression was blank and he wasn't able to read it. It made him feel a bit nervous.

She felt him being sincere with her, but she wanted him to finish explaining himself before she allowed him to see how she felt about it.

With another deep breath, he continued. "I've never told anyone this, but I was afraid believe it or not. I was afraid of you getting too close to a world Kaoru and I created and treasured and kept isolated from everyone else around us that wasn't like us. You were a threat and I felt like I needed to destroy that threat no matter what. Even if it meant hurting you."

"Oh, how sweet."

He ignored her sarcastic remark and continued speaking. "Haruhi was the first person who was able to tell Kaoru and I apart. You became the second. At the time I wanted Haruhi, but she was and still is in love with Tono. Even if she continues to deny it. I can tell by the way, she secretly looks at him with those big, brown eyes of hers-"

"Describing another girl's eyes isn't helping your case."

Hikaru blushed upon realizing his mistake. "Sorry, my point is... I tried to deny my growing feelings for you for a long time now, and nothing good has come from it... I want you." He stepped closer to her and slipped his arm around her waist and used the other to cup her chin. He then whispered, staring deeply into her eyes. "I want to make you a part of my world and I want to become a part of yours."

The passion he felt in the pit of his stomach and the look she was giving him caused him to act on impulse.

He swept his face down to hers and caught her lips with his instantly. She seemed stunned at first, but he then felt her lips soften against his and took that as a good sign to deepen the kiss.

She closed her eyes and found her arms around his neck. He sucked on her lips and traced her tongue with his. He took the lead and she followed. In that moment they both were lost in a world of their own.


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