2. Start Again

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I woke up with a start, waking up from a Lord Of The Rings' stained dreams.

Haha, lol.

My vision came to focus and I realized that I was not waking up in my room but in a beautiful, luxurious bedroom, elvish style.

Damn, that wasn't a dream, was it?

"Good morning, Lady Leane. Did you have a good rest?" asked a melodious voice to my right that belonged to Arwen.

"Yes, thank you very much, Lady Arwen. I feel good this morning," I replied with a grateful smile. Despite my expectations, I didn't wake up feeling groggy this morning-I was actually feeling very refreshed.

"You passed out, we were worried about you. My adar- I mean my father- looked after you and saw that you were being taken care of," informed the beautiful elf. "And please, just call me Arwen," she said with a sincere smile.

Wow, not only that she was beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. No wonder Aragorn fell head over heels over this elleth.

"Only if you call me Leigh Ann," I replied smiling myself.

"Alright, Leane it is then. Now, I took the liberty to bring you some food. I figured you must be famished, especially after passing out for couple days."

My jaw dropped at that; I never passed out before, let alone for two days straight. I was a tough girl and I prided myself in being a very healthy girl who very seldom got sick.

My last vision of the eye suddenly came back to me-- it wasn't Legolas' eyes I was seeing, it was Sauron's-- but somehow something that I saw in Legolas' eyes triggered the vision. Was it my fear? I knew Sauron feeds and thrives from the fear of his enemies. This I was sure though I did not know how I got the vision. Legolas was intimidating yes, but I knew he was on the good side, nothing like Saruman or Sauron himself.

Arwen set a tray of food in front of me and gestured for me to eat, but I looked up at her, and asked.

"Arwen, is it possible that I can clean up before I eat? I felt so dirty right now and would very much appreciate a bath."

Arwen beamed up at me; surely she was relieved that I realized how smelly and dirty I was.

"I must admit, for a mortal you cared so much about being clean more than any other mortal that I met before."

"More than Aragorn?" I asked raising my eyebrow.

Arwen blushed, a pink tinged the apple of her cheek and she looked away smiling shyly. I smiled knowingly.

Looking at me, she realized that I knew. Heck, of course I knew; I watched the Lord of The Rings trilogy countless times, duh.

I didn't know how to explain about this to her, but she chose to refrain from asking about it, which I much appreciated. Maybe she just thought that I was observant. Hopefully.

The next hour was spent by me taking a divine hot bath in a bathroom connected to my bedroom-- and this started to feel more like I was in an elvish hotel.

I cleaned up well and I thank God or Valar or Eru the Illuvatar or whatever that the elves know what a soap and a shampoo is. Arwen also gave me a scented oil which I gratefully accepted, along with oil for my hair. She lent me a few elven dresses that somehow fitted my body size. I definitely wasn't skinny, but I was not fat either. Still, changing in front of a beautiful gorgeous elleth like Arwen was making me more self-conscious. I chose a simple mint green dress that fell to my knees, its soft and rich fabric felt nice on my skin. After helping me with my dress, Arwen offered to comb my hair and put on some oil on it.

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