interview #34 Lidywilks

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1) What's a tip you'd pass to a newcomer?

 Writing is not a race. There'll be other writers who'd be more productive than you but that shouldn't make you feel bad and or give up. As writers, we each have our own pace. So it's best to believe in yourself, your story and that they're readers who'd want to read it.

 2) What's your favorite aspect of Wattpad?

 As a book lover myself, my favorite aspect of Wattpad, is finding new books to read and saving it in my library list. But as a writer also, my favorite aspect is the community. Being able to connect with other writers and readers in the forums. Whether sharing tidbits about what inspired the story we're writing or its theme song. And asking for writing advice about handling best a particular scene.

 3) How would you spend the day with your favorite author? 

Who would you choose and what would you do?Eating cake and coffee with JK Rowling picking her brain about everything under the sun. Like, if she had any idea her Harry Potter books would become so successful. What made her continue writing her HP books? Despite all the difficulties she'd went through during that time? 

4) What's your favorite movie? 

Easy Ghostbusters. Pretty much anything made in the 80s. The Harry Potter movies...I have too many favorites. 

5) How would you celebrate a publishing deal? 

First, by screaming my head off while jumping up and down. Following by letting my husband, family and friends know. Then sharing the news to my followers and supporters on my FB author page, Twitter and my blog. And after all that, break out some wine.

6) What's your favorite holiday and why?

 When I was a kid my favorite holiday was Halloween. Used to love watching as many scary and horror movies once it became October. Just can't do zombie movies. Now that I'm older, it's still my favorite my holiday. Every year, I take my sons for early trick-or-treat. And give out candy and chocolate- well my sons have taken that over now- on Halloween night.

 7) What's your daily writing routine?

 I'm a slow writer. A turtle writer. So I try to write everyday. There are times when I've written at most only twenty words. The times I don't write at all, I'm actually writing inside my head, watching the story unfold in my mind.

 8) What's your dream vacation? 

As learnt from prior family vacations, the only people vacationing are the kids. And the husband. So my dream vacation would be a solo one. Somewhere on a beach with white sand. A pile of books by my side. A masseuse on standby, while I'm being served whatever good foods and drinks my heart desires.

 9) How would you spend a rainy day?

 A rainy day could be spent many ways. Binge watching my favorite shows on Netflix of Amazon Prime. Or my favorite 80s movies. Reading a few good books on my TBR list. So lots of binging and lounging. 

10) What's one Wattpad goal?

 More than getting a lot of reads and likes, I'd like to connect with readers. As much as I'd like to learn that they love reading my stories, I hope they feel a connection. To both the story and its characters. And that they enjoyed the journey of diving into the worlds I've created. That the world I created was real.

 11) Whose your favorite celeb? 

My favorite celebrity is Korean actor Lee Min Ho. Loved him since he played the leader of the F4 from the Kdrama Hana Yori Dango manga adaptation. Love his voice and Adam's apple. And would love to see him come to Hollywood soon.

Request time!

As a genre whore, I write fantasy, romance and poetry. Though I'd like to recommend something in each one I can't choose one to recommend. In my poetry, there's something for everyone. No matter what stage in their lives they are you'll find a connection that reinforces you're not as alone as you think. That we do live, laugh, love and bleed the same. With the romances and fantasies, you'll find another world filled with adventure that you'd never want to leave.

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