The Raging Sludge

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Name: GroophFusion between: Goop and RathSpecies: ½ Polymorph ½ Appoplexian (Polyplexian)Planets: Viscossia and Appoplexia

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Name: Grooph
Fusion between: Goop and Rath
Species: ½ Polymorph ½ Appoplexian (Polyplexian)
Planets: Viscossia and Appoplexia


*Is indestructible

*Can launch a torrent of slime with acidic properties.

*Can dissolve things to keep in touch.

*Can change his shape and enter to small areas.

*Can be regenerated.

*Is very strong, resistant and flexible.

*Is an expert hand-to-hand fighter.

*He is totally brave, he does not think twice before doing something totally risky or dangerous.

*Has a strong roar

*Thanks to his liquid consistency, his water phobia is removed

*Can cut anything with the blades of his hands


*He lacks a lot of intelligence, besides not being able to control his anger. It is easily distracted, like arguing with inanimate things, it is also difficult to stop once he start to fight.

*Without the antigravity projector, Grooph remains intact as a puddle of slime.

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