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Previously on Absolute Blessing:

Sue resigned from her job , after a year of sadness cause of missing someone , an old friend of her Auntie visited her named Olvita.

Olvita offered her a job which she accepted not because she like it but the memories from her past in that workplace.

First day of Sue at work was very hard , she easily find Rosalyn as a good friend, they take lunch together and they shared a secret between them but she finds Amanda and Jen her office mate not too accommodating .Sue finds it difficult to adapt into their minds , especially Jen, their superior.

After work Sue met her neighbor at the grocery store, she often faced him when she goes to work which made Sue think he was stalking her.

Over time, Sue did a great job which made her boss gave her new task, Sue checked the files; suddenly she found a secret file called ADM1-201 involves Amy, an old employee who had an illicit affair with a co-employee, her curiosity increased to know more about the file after she received a call asking about Amy.

Will Sue find that file called ADM1-201??

All facts will be disclosed by reading this chapter.


Sue did not notice the days passed, that she often been working late hours at work.

It's been thirteen days since, and somehow she adopted to her workload near Rosalyn but too stressed when she was in the office with Amanda and Jen.

It made her more busy with the new tasks given by Madam boss, she even called her directly on her phone instead of Jen which made Jen felt distress.

It's Thursday, she can't start her day without checking the calendar and kiss her teddy bear . She went straight to the bathroom, opened the faucet, "OMG doesn't have hot water again!!" she took a quick bath with cold water, sings loud as the water pours down her body. She's done within seven minutes. Freezing cold while damp her body dry, then moisturized it.

She put on her blue jeans, felt comfortable with it and tops it with her white long sleeve blouse, sprayed cologne to her whole body as she does all the time before leaving.

Meanwhile, outside the apartment, her new neighbor often tries to get him notice.


"Good morning Miss neighbor, leaving now? Is this the time you often go to work?"

Sue simply smiles, but did not say a word. She felt her new neighbor stalked her and she needed to be aware of that.

She reached her office as early as she does every time, took afew times with Rosalyn, "Look at you.. You have a new look" said Rosalyn.

Sue was very beautiful that time, her new dye colored red hair, cut it short ,and it's a new look for her .
They had some talk before proceeding to their work.

Sue while caresses her hair gently:

"Is there any news you can share Rosalyn?"


"Yeah Madam boss wants you to add these new files to the document of yesterday, and make sure to start this new folder, it's an important folder for our future projects"

Sue takes a look of the files and smirked:

"Shall I make those files or will Jen do it. I think she is the one who take charge of that type of tasks"

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