Chapter 2

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In the middle of the city, high atop Palmer tower, a dark man stood staring out of a window as if expecting something to happen. This man, the shadow of the city, had a clear view of everything that was happening. Not much would get past this man. His gaze was piercing the horizon and taking in any information he could get about any rebellions or witnesses. Outside those walls, this man was a model citizen, a hero if you will. He had the public eating out of his hands.

"Mister Palmer sir" A nervous voice cracked and interrupted the man's deep concentration.

The man turned slowly and with a scowl "What did I tell you about calling me that?" He smacked the desk in anger, causing his underlining to step back in fear.

"Sorry my Lord, but you have a couple of visitors" he pointed towards the door as two men entered. One was overly buff and the other was a bit scrawny. They were both trying to explain themselves but neither could be understood.

"One at a time or you'll both be sent back to the shadows" he screamed as he lit a fireball in his hand and pulled his arm back as if to fire it. The two men went silent as they fell backward. "Now, one at a time" he pointed towards the scrawny man.

The scrawny man got on his knees and crawled forward close to the desk. "Yes, sir; Well, you see, last night we were drunk as usual and in our blind drunk, we had a fight that took us to the alley just outside the bar we were. I know this doesn't sound important but there's more to the story." Mr. Palmer looked like he was getting impatient. "Well, there was this kid that showed up out of nowhere. He could see our true forms." He was now lowering his hand as he put out the flame. His scowl turned to a look of intrigue.

"So what does this kid look like?" Palmer turned back to the window as he waited for a response. The scrawny man ran back to his friend and whispered in his ear. Then the overly buff man took a folded slip of paper out of his pocket. Hearing this, Mr. Palmer snapped his fingers and the paper switched owners. He unfolded it and looked it over carefully. He then began to laugh maniacally. "This is what I have been waiting for." He squeezed the paper and it crumpled in his grip. "Now leave me be. I have some...important business to attend to." The men did not hesitate. They turned and were out the door before you Palmer let out another laugh. "I knew this day would come. The plan shall soon be put into motion."

Liam was walking out of the Deen's office. "That was not as bad as I thought. I just need to hurry and get to class." Since the office was only the first floor, it only took him seconds to walk out of the building and head over to his. He was also grateful that his classroom was only on the second floor. Each building had five floors.

He finally reached his room and noticed that they had started math. "Good. At least I didn't miss much." He opened the door without even thinking about how everyone would react. They all were staring, including the teacher. This was odd considering how mature he looked. You wouldn't think a man like him would act that way.

"So nice of you to join us" The teacher pointed over to his normal seat that was all the way in the back of the class. "Now why don't you take your seat so we can continue?" Liam walked past Nikki, who to his misfortune, was in the same class as him, and she let out a little giggle. She thought everyone's reaction was hilarious. Liam didn't even bother with saying anything. He just wanted to sit down and relax. He may have gotten through the questioning, but he still felt a bit embarrassed that he lost it in the first place. Moreover, every time he thinks about that, he thinks about dropping his pass in the Alley where he saw those things. He sat down and his face quickly hit the desk. He didn't care about missing one lesson. He could just copy the notes from Nikki.

When he finally awoke, the bell was ringing. It was time for them to move to the next class. Nikki was waiting outside for Liam. Their whole schedule coincided with each other. Nikki was thrilled that they had the whole day together but Liam wasn't too happy. The next two classes, Science and History & Legends, were pretty much the same deal. Nikki was the note taker while Liam just sulked. With his embarrassment earlier and, the guys/things that chased him, and thinking those same guys/things picked up his lost ID, he had much to think about now. No amount of lecturing was going to help. The only thing that he knew could help him at this point was his Sword Fighting class. Not only did it take his mind off things but it was great exercise too. Sadly, that was the last class of the day. He still had to sit through History & Legends. Thankfully, lunch was before that. Not only was he getting hungry, he would also get to see another friend. Another familiar face would also help him, he thought. Seeing just one friendly face for hours got annoying. The hour of lunch they get is just enough to unwind.

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