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Warning: Sexual intercourse, coitus, making love or as you would like to call it, a Lemon, this friends mark the beginning and the end ==== and a lot of time skips

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My Entire World

Third Person POV

A beautiful night full of stars shone over Tokyo. The big city was now asleep, only a few establishments were open at such hours of the night meanwhile there was only one apartment in the entire city with the lights on.

Inside the apartment, two young ones sat together in a white bed, both of them heavily blushing at the topic the girl just brought up. The cute raven-haired girl looked at him in expectancy of a movement, the uniform of her school was a bit untidy, the green ribbon that marked her year was nowhere to be found, her hair was loose and some buttons of her shirt were unfasten. She didn't have her blue coat of her school and was gripping the tight of his beloved one.

At the same time, the man she loved was trying to look away from her. Don't take him wrong, he desired with all of his being to please his girlfriend but at the same time wanted to wait a little more, too much breakups in his life marked him forever making him scared of the future with his beloved one. His uniform wasn't different from the girl he loved, the black coat was missing, his shirt was unbuttoned revealing his torso and thanks to the girl his black pants were unbuttoned and ready to go out his little friend was making a tent in his pants.

"Don't you want to see me naked?" The cute idol said gripping tighter on his tight. The man didn't answer and limited himself to continue looking away. "I knew it, you don't really want me..."

"I want you!" The boy turned to look at her with a face as red as a tomato. "I-It's just that..." The man looked down to the floor. "...I-I-I don't have condoms" He thought that excuse was going to work out until he saw his girlfriend opening a drawer of her nightstand and got a little tiny bag.

"I-I bought them" His girlfriend put the bag beside him while he couldn't think of something else that the difficulties she must have passed for one of them.

"A-Are you sure you want to d-d-do it with me?" He looked at her nodding shyly. He just gave up to his desires and accepted the fact that she wanted her so bad that it hurt, literally, his manhood was asking to be freed at that point.


Shyly, the man leaned closer to her and kissed her gently on the lips with she reciprocating it.. It didn't take long until the kiss got heated enough for both of them to use their tongues in it fighting and caressing each other. Her tiny hands got under his shirt and passed them all through his torso while he finished unbuttoning her shirt and threw it away only leaving her in a pink bra.

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