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Chaos is ARC_Trooper_Fives character. Thank you for letting me borrow him!

"So, bud. You looking for work? I have a couple targets who could use...elimination."

Grim lifted his eyes incrementally to glance at the scumbag trying to slide into the seat across from him. He could see the half drunk look in the man's eyes, and he knew the man was most likely looking for a hitman. Just like the last one had. 

"I'm not a hitman," Grim finally growled at the man. He didn't lift his head, it wasn't worth it to waste energy on these lowlifes. 

The drunk man raised his hands in mock surrender and started to get up. "Alright alright. Maybe if you'd quit sitting in the corner brooding you'd draw less attention to yourself."

Grim didn't answer, just watched the man toddle off into the crowd, probably heading for another drink. 

Drinking had never much appealed to Grim. He'd tried it once, a long time ago. He wasn't going to try it again. 

He glanced around the bar, his lips unconsciously drawing into a snarl at the image of everyone drunk, and happy. They were all oblivious and naive. 

Grim look down at his distorted reflection in the glass of water on the table. "Just like you were, Silver," he hissed at his reflection. 

There was no reply of course. Grim had full control, and he liked it that way. He smiled a little, though it looked more like a sneer as he got up from the table. He picked up his coat off the back of the chair and shrugged it on, slipping unnoticed out of the bar. 

He headed out into the street, keeping his head down as he passed several other scummy figures wandering around the bar. Not making eye contact was the best method of evasion, complete ignorance was even better. 

Once he'd avoided the worst parts of town, he headed towards the miner docks. He might not be a hitman, but he still needed work. He needed money. Subsisting on a few meals a week wasn't going to cut it anymore.

Chaos would kill the both of us if he saw how thin we were, Silver's voice cropped up in the back of his mind.

Grim swatted the air in front of him and snarled. "Shut up, Silver." 

The voice didn't persist, and he shoved his hand back into the pocket of his jacket. Silver was right, though. Chaos would probably kill them both, then force them both to have a decent meal if he knew. 

Grim glanced down at the ground, watching his feet as he walked. A decent meal sounded good about now. More than that, seeing Chaos sounded even better. Grim tried to deny it, but he could feel the hollow pit in his stomach as he walked slower, shuffling his feet a little.

He wanted to go home. 

Except he didn't know where home was. Silver didn't know either. Home was just a pointless home. A hope Silver made up. It was all just a silly dream.

Grim halted where he stood and shook his head, growling. "Get your silly dreams out of my head!"

For a moment he stood there, teeth bared at an invisible enemy inside his head before finally the hollow feeling in his gut passed and he looked up a little. 

"Stay out of my head," he snapped at Silver. "You want to eat as much as I do, so stay out and maybe I can scrape us together something," he hissed. 

There was perfect silence after that, and Grim slowly picked up the pace again. He moved more determinately towards the spaceport, his heart and stomach both set on finding a job. 

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