✧ Reflection ✧

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Aries: You have the softest and warmest heart however you pretend that you don't care. You don't always have to be strong. You have the right to feel what you feel. Your reflection is tougher than in reality.

Taurus: Determination is awesome, being stubborn can lead to losing people. You are misunderstood and have a pure and calm aura. You are actually generous but not many people deserve to see it. Your reflection is greedier than in reality.

Gemini: Life is a game to you. Rules are meant to be broken without getting caught. Carelessness however, can get you in big trouble. Your reflection is more cheerful than in reality.

Cancer: Love doesn't give you the right to manipulate anyone. I know you care A LOT but don't waste it on people who don't care. You deserve better. Your reflection is more innocent than in reality.

Leo: Acting self-confident won't make your insecurities disappear. You are really brave when it comes to everything except yourself. Accept yourself before accepting others. Your reflection is more confident than in reality.

Virgo: No one is perfect. Nothing can be perfect. And that's okay. Every hardship opens a new door to a new opportunity. Don't be upset there are still endless possibilities and enough time. Your reflection is more professional than in reality.

Libra: Getting attached so easily can hurt you. I understand that you have a lot of love to give, however sometimes It's good to be patient and wait for the right people to come to you. Your reflection is more independent than in reality.

Scorpio: Some people will not understand you, Some will. You tend to live life at extreme levels. Black and white. Don't be afraid to voice your opinion If they don't respect you, It's their loss. Your reflection is more intimidating than in reality.

Sagittarius: Your mind as wild as your dreams. We understand you want to live life to It's fullest. But slow down once in a while. Don't get too caught up with the destination. Smell roses and stargaze along the way. Your reflection is more relaxed than in reality.

Capricorn: Success will bring you pride and prestige. However is that really the only thing you want? It's really okay to be vulnearable. People can be better than they seem to be. Your reflection is more careless than in reality

Aqaurius: Some people can be considerate and kind. I know you don't trust easily. But there are many people who love you who you can trust. Being unique is amazing but being different can also lead to thinking too much about what others think. Your reflection is colder than in reality.

Pisces: Reality can be horrifying. I understand. But If you want your dreams to come true, you have to make effort in the real world. You can even make the world around you a better place. Your reflection is more superficial than in reality.

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