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Hello. This book was previously part of the Paid Stories program (which is what the coins are for) but I've decided to withdraw it and make it available for everyone to read for free.

Part of the reason for this is that Elderland is a work in progress, which means it's very likely I'll be making changes to the story throughout the writing of the book. While many of these changes will only be minor, I found I didn't feel comfortable asking people to pay to read it only for me to then alter what they'd paid for.

I think the Paid Stories program is an excellent opportunity for new writers and I do hope that readers continue to give the other authors in the program their support - it is so greatly appreciated.

Going back to Elderland, if there are any fantasy beings or magical creatures you would like for me to include in the story, leave a comment below or on my profile or anywhere in the story and I'll do my best to get them in. (There's not much time left to do this so get a hurry on!)

Feel free to ask me questions, tell me your thoughts on what I've done and just generally be my friend, because most of mine are in my head.

Thanks, and see you in Elderland...

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