romantic/dirty Zayn imagine

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Romantic/Dirty Zayn imagine:

" 1 year anniversary "

Today was mine and Zayn's one year anniversary. I had been looking for Zayn the perfect gift when I finally found what I had been looking for. It was a 500$ exclusive navy and white varsity jacket and I had 'Malik' printed on the back. I just knew he would love it. I couldn't wait for him to get back from his interview. I was hoping tonight would be a pretty special night.

Around 6, Zayn busted through the door. I ran up to him and he kissed my cheek " Hi babe " i said and he replyed with a simple " hi" and went upstairs. He forgot. He forgot our anniversary. My heart kinda crumbled for a second. I went to our room. " Hey baby, do you have any idea what today is? " " OMG baby I almost forgot! " Yes. He remembered. I thought. " Happy birthday babe. " Zayn spoke to me. Birthday? Is he serious? He must not fucking care about this relationship if he can't remember our anniversary. " thanks " I said rudely and left. About 10 minutes later he came downstairs and said " hey wanna ride with me to grab a bite to eat? " I was so hungry. I decided to go and still ignore him.

After 30 minutes of driving I asked him " Zayn where are we going? " he kept driving. I was so mad and confused. 10 minutes later we pulled up to this hilltop. We went through a couple of trees and my jaw dropped.

There was a blanket and candles set up everywhere. With rose petals and soft music playing on his battery operated radio. There was a nice moment of silence until Zayn broke it. " You really think I'd forget our anniversary baby? " tears almost welled up in my eyes. " I love you so much Zayn " " I love you too y/n " we sat down and enjoyed a nice romantic meal. Simply talking to each other and after were done, he sang More Than This to me. It was so perfect. I couldn't hold back from crying. Zayn turned the radio back on. And I Wont Give up by Jason Mraz was playing. " y/n may I have this dance? " " of course. "

We were slow dancing for what seemed like forever. My head cuddled to his chest. The moment was perfect and I never wanted it to end. Zayn lifted up my chin and planted a soft kiss on my lips. I started to kiss him back but this time a little bit more heated. He bit my bottom lip asking for entrance and I granted. Our tongues were dancing around and he won total control. He laid me down on the blanket and began feeling all over my body and kissing my neck. I moaned as I felt myself becoming wet. " Zayn, I want you. I'm ready "

I was a virgin and I wanted to wait until I found someone I loved and believe me that was definatley Zayn. " Are you sure baby? I don't wanna force you into anything you're not sure of. " " Zayn, I'm sure. I want this. I want you to be my first, but what if someone sees? " I said kinda scared someone would find us. " No one knows about this place, no one will see W" and with that I started to take off his shirt and got a nice look at his 6 pack. At that point I was soaking. He began undressing me until I was left in my bra and panties. " y/n you are so beautiful " I blushed. He spread my legs and started licking me. Slow at first but then he became so rough with his tongue. Then he began rubbing me with his thumb. " mmm zayn " I through my head back in pleasure. " I im gonna cum " I moaned out. " No baby try to hold it " then he pulled his tongue out and positioned himself in front of me. " What about your turn? " I asked confusingly. " no baby tonight is all about you " He was the most amazing person ever. " y/n I am so sorry. I know this is gonna hurt but if it's too much, please tell me, okay babe? " I nodded. Zayn slowly slid into me and I gasped. It was so painful and a few tears escaped my eyes. Zayn got scared and pulled out and then he realized there was blood. " I omg y/n babe I'm soo sorry " he said very worried. " babe, I was a virgin we knew this would happen. Continue. I'm okay now" " you sure? " I nodded. He slid back into me and started thrusting slowly. I through my hips into him and he took that as a sign to speed up. He thrusted and everytime he hit my g-spot. I felt myself began to tighten around him. " Im close Zayn " " Ahh me too babe cum for me " Zayn pulled out and roughly slammed himself into me hard. " FUCKKKK ZAYNNN AHHH" I screamed as I came all over him. He came too as i felt his juices fill me. "Babe that was so amazing. "

We got everything together and went back home. As we walked into the bedroom he saw the jacket. " omg is this for me?! " I nodded. He kissed me. " thank you so much y/n" " You're welcome. " I said kissing his cheek. We got in bed and snuggled up. " Goodnight beautiful , I love you. " he whispered in my ear. " goodnight Zayn, I love you too" he kissed my nose and we fell asleep in each others arms. <3

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