Chapter 27

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In the middle of the night, a cool breeze whipped into our room and I was barely awake when Alvena was swooped from her bed and forced to change quickly.

I almost attacked had I not recognized the golden green eyes of the shadow.

"Quickly!" Lucien whispers as he tosses me a cloak and scoots the large cabinet from the wall.

After feeling around the wall for some time, a click sounds in the darkness and a passage of stairs unfolds itself.

The cabin hadn't been moved for centuries that a cloud of dust dropped to the floor the minute we walked in. Still, we braved through it, all the while covering our faces from inhaling too much.

We knew we were getting close to the outside when the temperature began dropping dramatically. After all, it's insanely cold by the Border with snow covering the ground like grass in the spring.

"Good," our guide sighs in slight relief as we step out of the tunnel and onto the snow. "The snow stopped."

I turn to Lucien, expecting some sort of explanation for the sudden up-and-go. But that's just probably me wanting to understand everything.

His usual way of feeding me information and waiting for me to understand has spoilt me to underperform in these situations.

"Take Alvena and head to the Border. I already removed my guards from their stations so Emberwind's passage is all yours. This should buy you some time," Lucien states almost too calmly.

I nod robotically.

"If she gets hungry, feed her some of your blood."

Half of me expected him to follow that statement with a joke. But that never came.

Maybe I'm just not ready to accept that everything is happening so fast. That he is letting us go. So fast.

"What about you?"

Lucien ignores my question as he turns to Mistress.

"Make sure you make it to the Border. Be careful."

Alvena tiptoes and plants a gentle kiss on Lord of Emberwind's pale cheek. With a slight nod, I put on my hood and follow after her.


I stop at the slight sound of my name.

"Don't turn around, Evie," Alvena mutters under her breath. "You'll just make it harder on him."

Mistress's orders are obeyed and we hurriedly trudge through the knee-high snow with the searchers hot on our tail.

We keep advancing. We walk some, run some, and then walk again. Alvena's speed is snail-like, but her perseverance is admirable. It'll be nice if that were enough.

Unfortunately, the vampires after us specialize in hunting prey and excel in these environs.

If I'm right, it's about time.

"Mistress, we must part ways now."

She doesn't ask any questions. Maybe she figured out that I can only bring her this far.

"Evie, if you get the chance, please help me look after Nero."

"I will," I say without hesitation. She needn't tell me. "My loyalty is sworn to the family."

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