Chapter Thirty Four - Spark

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He's here.

The rush of wind met her skin as the the hissing of the doors sounded in if not three seconds after she felt his energy. Entering the room, his footsteps were palpable, his movement steady yet persistent. She'd been silently awaiting his presence. Just before his entrance she nervously tugged at her shirt sleeve. Clothed in new garments, she felt even more out of place. She wore a large charcoal cloak that draped to the floor, with various shades of ivory and white clothes underneath. Her short ebony boots fit tight, made well to navigate in water, given the material had rubber.

A women had come to the glass overlook room, demanding she change about an hour ago. When she dressed she had thought her clothing matched Jav's from the night of the destruction of Queen Lillion's palace, though her garments weren't nearly as luxurious. Thinking about Queen Lillion intensified her need to face Jav again.

Viewing the galaxy through a wide window, she's focused her gaze on one star for a long time. Maybe this was because it shined brighter than most, almost glistening in a space of dull stars. 

Her thoughts consume of the worry for her friends. Where were they on this ship? Were they hurt? Were they really even here? She knew Jav's words were true, that he would show her them once she did what he wanted but it all didn't make sense. Why would he keep his word for her? Staring at the star made for a good distraction, but her thoughts always revert to Jav.

He sensed her struggle, searching to find cause or reason for it but could not. She couldn't even find cause in the way other's feel a certain emotion. Usually she guessed based on the environment around the mind she's sensed strong energy from.

Jav remained silent. He was waiting for her, so she concluded the silence had been long enough. "You said you couldn't kill me, that the Revive needs me. Why?"

Meeting her at the window, his body shadowed her, and he too watched the galaxy. Maybe he stared at the same star, or maybe at the darkness. He's dressed in new garments. Everything he wore was black.

"The day you escaped I came aboard the Acquiescence to meet you. You were the top trainee of the Acquiescence, and I was to take you, along with two other top trainees from the other two Revive outtraining ships. You all were to become under my command and join an elite group of officials. I had only heard word of your skills, promised that seeing your training in person would be better than any video that recorded your talent. So I came to watch you. But-" Jav paused, facing her now, carefully watching her face. "When I arrived you had already escaped. I watched your escapement, examined your training modules, and every assessment and evaluation ever conducted on your skills. Looking closely at your physical attributes I knew it was you."

"So, you hunted me? You want me to be apart of some elite official group that does what? Kills, and hunts for you?" She squinted her eyes at him. "Wouldn't you have had the other two trainee's come after me, or better yet this elite group?"

A quirk taunted his jaw, and he bit down on his teeth a moment before saying, "You're under my control now, are you not?" His unwavering words leave his lips open, eyes targeting hers. "I made it my own personal assignment to find you. You were going to be apart of this elite group, but that was before I found out who you really were and what we can do."

"What exactly can we do?" She furrowed her brows, tasting the anticipation.

"Our abilities connect, just like magnets. This connecting, it only occurs when abilities within families link. But, for some reason, yours and mine grow stronger when together."

"How do you know this?"

"We did it as children. You saved my arm from infection with the water. Your Ocelia ability protects you, but somehow you allowed it to help me." 

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