13 - Iron Fist (Part I)

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This chapter is dedicated to farwakhan123 who couldn't wait for this story to continue. It's only a shorter section -- the rest of the chapter will hopefully be up on the weekend.

13 – Iron Fist (Part I)

Without Kerry in his life, Marcus turns for the worst. My mom is no longer allowed to leave the house without his permission, and he yells at Lamar and Alyssa any chance he gets. Most of the time, Alyssa is crying when she is forced to be in the same room with him while Lamar is eyeing him in constant fear. Busy with my own problems, I don't get involved. His nightly visits are few, but when they happen, they turn rough to a point where I can't move afterward. My threat that I will call mom's lawyer gets me my first smack in the spine with his elbow.

"Don't play games with me like your mother, Patrice. No one will take you seriously."

"How can you be so sure?"

"You lied to the judge—and not just once—and confirmed to that psychologist that nothing happened between us. If you now change your story, I'll tell them that you're out of control and this is your way of getting back at me since you don't like my rules. Your mother won't help you—she knows her place now. Without her backup, who do you think they're gonna believe?"

"But they'll be able to prove we're having sex."

"How? You're almost eighteen, so it's expected you're sexually active, and there's no evidence it's with anyone but a boy your age. That's why we have condoms, my dear."

I can't hold his drilling gaze which earns me a low chuckle.

"Now, get on your knees."

"Please, Dad. Don't."

His dick silences me after that. Tears escape as I fight his iron grip that keeps my head in place while he shoves himself deep into my throat until I gag. He controls my movement by pulling my hair—every wrong move or resistance gets punished with a strong yank. By the time he is done, I'm ready to hurl and my whole head is pounding as if someone had beaten me repeatedly.

Yet somehow, I make it into March. Counting down the days until my high school graduation is the only thing to keep me from jumping off a bridge these days. Since I already enrolled in summer school classes at Purdue, I will leave the morning after I receive my diploma. After that, my life in Chicago will be reduced to a few horrible memories. Never will I set foot into this house again.

Marcus dashes my intentions when I arrive home one afternoon after studying at the library. Before I even close the door, Lamar's cries echo through the house. I halt on the threshold to the living room, terrified by the scene in front of me. Marcus put Lamar over his knee and beats his bare butt with Alyssa's riding whip. As his arm rises and lowers again another cry sends a shudder down my spine. Lamar's tear-stricken face begs for me to end this torture. Marcus's arm rises again.


Marcus huffs. "Stay out of this, Patrice."

"No. You hurt Lamar enough. Whatever he did, spanking him with a riding whip is too much."

"Oh, you're the expert now, are you?" His brows raise in challenge. "If I were you, I'd leave now unless you want to be the next one I put across my knee."

"Dad, please. He's still so little."

"I said leave or you'll be next."

Lamar's arms reach out for me to help him. Fresh tears roll down his cheeks. His small face is contorted with so much pain that I'm unable to turn my back on him. "No. You either let him go or I'll call Kerry down at the station. I'm sure she won't tolerate that you're abusing your son, even if you're no longer together."

"Did you just seriously threaten me?" Lamar is dropped as Marcus slowly gets up from his kneeling position.

I instinctively take a step back. "Run to your room, Lamar."

He clings to my leg instead. "No. I want to stay with you."

Marcus takes another step forward. His brown eyes are so dark that the black is no longer distinguishable from the rest.

"Run, Lamar," I whisper.

He lets go of my leg and like a wailing siren, takes off toward his room. One more step and Marcus is right in my face. His hand wraps around my throat as he lifts me off the ground.

"Didn't I warn you the other day not to play games with me?"

My feet kick as I struggle for air.

"But no, you didn't listen. You are just like your mom. YOU. NEVER. LISTEN."

He releases me before turning his back on me. Dropping to the ground, I gasp as I pump air into my burning lungs. Before I can shake of the dizziness, he grabs me by my hair and tosses me across the room. The couch breaks my fall, but the collision with the arm rest knocks the wind out of me. Pain crawls up my ribcage when he pushes my face into the pillow.

Hoisting up my skirt, he slides down my panties. At first, I'm scared he's going to rape me, but then the riding whip eats into my flesh. Though the pain is manageable, the fear manifests itself in a loud yelp when the next lash stings on my butt.

He stops after about half a dozen blows, obviously more interested in proving a point than hurting me. "Now go to your room and don't come out until I'll tell you."

He doesn't have to ask twice—I'm on my feet and out the door before he even turns away from me. Tears prick in the corners of my eyes, but the relief that I helped my little brother triumphs over the humiliation and fear.

I knock on Lamar's door as soon as I get upstairs. "Is everything alright, champ?"

His eyes and cheeks are still puffy from crying, but he musters a brave smile before tears fill his eyes again. "I'm scared of daddy."

"We're all scared of daddy." I pull him into tight hug, careful not to touch his butt. "What did you do that he punished you."

"I dropped his phone. He was so mad."

"It's over now."

"When you go away to school, can I come and live with you?"

My hug tightens. "No, but I'll come and visit you and Alyssa as often as I can and check that guys are okay."

"You promise."

The sudden tears threaten to choke me. "Yeah, I promise."

So Marcus turns violent toward Lamar as he deals with the aftermath of Kerry's break-up. Lamar is about five and a half at this point -- an age where violence against a child often escalates since they start to question and defy authority figures. It also puts Patrice in a tough spot since her siblings are really the only thing left of her family.

Sorry to split this chapter into two, but I wanted to get something posted to hold you over the hump. Look out for another update over the weekend. Thanks for reading :)

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