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Hi! I'm Hadley, and I work for The_Nefarious to review and edit books! I'd be happy to offer my services here too, and all reviews requested on the profile of The_Nefarious will be posted both here and there.

Why should you choose me?

Although my first time as a beta-reader didn't go too well (oh dear...) I am hard-working and thorough. I will point out any grammar mistakes, pay attention to realism, and am happy to point out anything you can improve on - including fragments, choice of words, wrong synonyms, too many complicated words, sentence structure, inconsistent characters etc.

I am also fine with receiving critique from you, and will try my best to alter my services according to your needs.

About Me

I write on two platforms: Inkitt and Wattpad. I have made 105 reviews on Inkitt (as of the 9th June 2019) and am writing one, long novel. 

My main work is the Dreamy Reality series; I have been working on book one for almost two years. In this time, I have learnt more than I could ever have before. I also worked on a book - Morgo Matters - with 21 chapters (all of which I later unpublished due to info dumps, telling instead of showing, and a thousand other mistakes I have now overcome (I hope.))

I would love to edit and review your books, as I find editing fun. I am an absolute grammar-lover! I also love new vocabulary, and if you want me to work on your book, just request below! We will probably also have to correspond through PM to adjust payment according to chapter number. (No worries, I'm not asking for cash!)

Time taken: this varies, especially on length of book, and schedule. I'll try to be as quick and efficient as possible, but sometimes I will need a lot of time, and on others, services will be quick. Editing has faster results than reviewing :)


There are four services to choose from!

Overall Review

Chapter-by-chapter Review

Both of the above


Customer Reviews:

"This has been an encouraging experience for me.. I love how the review is honest and still is "author-friendly". With that I mean the reviewer was really polite. I have learned a lot in just a few chapters reviewed. It was a 5 star experience! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you! ❤"

 - Revivalist_on_Fire

"I've found invaluable nuggets in a lot of [your comments and notes]."



If you're interested, head over to the next page, where more will be explained: rules, payment, and service. 

Thanks for stopping by! Hasta pronto!

-Hadley S.-

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