Chapter 13: Conversations

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"No, Gideon, no. You don't have to worry about her anymore, the police took care of her, and she's never going to bother us again. Not ever, do you hear me?"

"You don't understand, Lani." He said, sighing. "We can't trust her."

"I do not trust her, Gideon, I trust the fact that she's in jail, and will be for a while." I told him quickly. "You don't have to do anything Gideon, she's not coming back. She'll never be able to get to us. Do you understand? Please Gideon, please come home." There was a pause, and I thought he'd hung up on me, but when I pulled the phone from my ear the call was still going. "Gideon?"

"I have to make sure she never can hurt us again, Lani." He said finally.

"No Gideon, please. At least not alone." I heard him exhale slowly, like he wasn't sure what to do anymore. "Not alone." I repeated, hoping those words would keep him off any of these trains. I glanced over at Xavier as we waited for him to say something, anything. His warm, worried, gaze met mine and for a moment—just a moment—I felt myself drowning in his gorgeous green eyes. I felt so safe, warm, comforted, and strong with him around. I had never been happier until I'd really let him in. I knew—without a doubt in my mind—that Xavier was going to stick around. He was all in, and he cared for my siblings just as much as I did. As if they were his siblings too. After hearing nothing still on Gideon's end, Xavier gently took the phone from my hand and pressed it to his ear, the same as I'd done, so I could hear as well.

"Gideon, this is Xavier."

"Xavier?" I heard Gideon's voice.

"Yes, your sister is really worried about you, kid. I know this isn't easy on you, but you can't go to Boston on your own man. It's not safe, and you wouldn't just be putting yourself at risk here. Lani and Iris would be put in danger too."

"What?" Gideon's voice was louder this time.

"Think about it man." Xavier continued. "If you leave, and try to scare Marie off, what will she think?"

"She'll know never to come around again." His voice hardened.

"Or she'll think that you're scared enough to go all the way to Boston just to see her and tell her to her face to never come around again. Do you think that'll stop her?" While Xavier was right, I really didn't want to scare my little brother. Even if it needed to be done, I was far too protective of him, as much as he was apparently. Gideon had always been the serious and quiet one. He didn't say much unless you asked him to, or he felt he had something to say. Everything he did—even his beloved video games—he did with his all and took everything very seriously. He took life far too seriously, and I knew that the idea that life was meant to be serious was because of me. I'd always been as paranoid as they were growing up, especially when we'd moved away from Marie. Even before, though, I was so scared they'd get taken away or she'd hurt them so badly we'd have to go to the hospital. This would then make Child Services come and intervene. I knew I could be overbearing and overprotective, but I couldn't help when the outcomes of not being that way were far more terrifying than anything else.

"She would think I'm scared of her?" he said, his voice low, and my eyes widened. I turned to Xavier and shook my head vehemently at him.

"That's not what I'm saying Gideon." Xavier said, shaking his head as well. I looked around the train station again, scanning everyone I saw, hoping that I'd find Gideon even though we still stood to the side of the entrance. It wasn't anywhere near as big as the one in LA or San Francisco, but it wasn't small either. The Niles Train Station had several terminals with a large circular lobby in the center with hallways branching off. Detective Portland had spoken to the employees in the ticket booths, but no one remembered seeing him. But he had to have bought a ticket; he couldn't just sneak onto a train. Could he?

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